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About Dr B R Ambedkar


Dr B R Ambedkar was born in a caste which was considered as the lowest of the low. People said that it was a sin it they offered him water to drink, and that if he sat in a cart it would become unclean. But this very man framed the Constitution for the country. His entire life was one of struggles. And his personal life was too sad; he had lost his first wife and sons. But even though he did not lose his dareness for the social welfare of people of India. The boy who suffered bitter humiliation became the first Minister for Law in free India, and shaped the country’s Constitution.

Dr B R Ambedkar

Dr B R Ambedkar

It is no wonder that everyone called him ‘Babasaheb’, out of love and admiration. Bhimrao Ambedkar was the lion-hearted man who fought for equality, justice and humanity.

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Important events/dates in the life of Dr B R Ambedkar
1891 Apr 14 Born at Mahu (Madhya Pradesh), the fourteenth child of Subhedar Ramji Sakpal and Mrs Bhimabai Ambedkar.
1896 Death of the mother, Mrs Bhimabai Ambedkar
1900 Nov Entered the Government High School at Satara.
1904 Entered the Elphinstone High School at Bombay.
1906 Married Ramabai daughter of Mr. Bhiku Walangkar, one of the relations of Gopal Baba Walangkar
1907 Passed Matriculation Examination, scored 382 marks out of 750.
1908 Jan Honoured in a meeting presided over by Shri S K Bole, Shri K A (Dada) Keluskar Guruji presented a book on the life of Gautam Buddha written by him. Entered the Elphinstone College, Bombay.
1912 Dec Birth of the son Yeshwant.
1913 Passed B.A Examination with Persian and English from University of Bombay, scored 449 marks out of 1000.
1913 Feb Death of father Subhedar Ramji Maloji Ambedkar at Bombay.
1913 July Gaikwar’s Scholar in the Columbia University, New York, reading in the Faculty of Political Science.
1915 June 5 Passed M.A. Examination majoring in Economics and with Sociology, History Philosophy, Anthropology and Politics asthe other subjects of study.
1916 May Read a paper on The Castes in India’ before Prof. Goldernweiser’s Anthropology Seminar. The paper was later published in The Indian Antiquary in May 1917. It was also republished in the form of a brochure, the first published work of Dr Ambedkar. Wrote a Thesis entitled ‘The National Divident of India – A Historical and Analytical Study’ for the Ph.D Degree.
1916 June Left Colombia University after completing work for the Ph.D, to join the London School of Economics and Political Science, London as a graduate student.
1917 Columbia University conferred a Degree of Ph.D.
1917 June Return to India after spending a year in London working on the thesis for the M.Sc. (Econ) Degree. The return before completion of the work was necessitated by the termination the scholarship granted by the Baroda State.
1917 July Appointed as Military Secretary to H.H. the Maharaja Gaikwar of Baroda with a view Finance Minister. But left shortly due to ill. Treatment meted out to him because of his lowly caste.Published “Small Holdings in India and Their Remedies”.
1918 Gave evidence before the Southborough Commission on Franchise. Attended the Conference of the depressed
Classes held at Nagpur.
1918 Nov Professor of Political Economy in the Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, Bombay.
1920 Jan 31 Started a Marathi Weekly paper Mooknayak to champion the cause of the depressed classes. Shri Nandram Bhatkar was the editor, later Shri Dyander Gholap was the editor.
1920 Mar 21 Attended depressed classes Conference held under the presidency of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj at Kolhapur.
1920 Mar Resigned professorship at Sydenham College to resume his studies in London.
1920 May Memorable speech in Nagpur, criticised Karmaveer Shinde and Depressed Classes Mission.
1920 Sept Rejoined the London School of Economics. Also entered Gray’s Inn to read for the Bar.
1921 June The thesis ‘Provincial Decentralisation of Imperial Finance in British India’ was accepted for M.Sc. (Econ) Degree by the
London University.
1922-23 Spent some time in reading economics in the University of Bonn in Germany.
1923 Mar The Thesis ‘The Problem of the Rupee – Its origin and its solution’ was accepted for the degree of D.Sc. (Econ.). The thesis was published in December 1923 by P S King & Company, London. Reissued by Thacker & Company, Bombay in May 1947 under the title History of Indian Currency and Banking Vol. 1.
1923 Called to the Bar.
1923 Apr Returned to India.
1924 June Started practice in the Bombay High Court.
1924 July 20 Founded the ‘Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha’ for the uplift of the depressed classes. The aims of the Sabha were educate, agitate, organise.
1925 Published ‘The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India’ – dissertation on the provincial decentralisation of Imperial
Finance in India’.
Opened a hostel for Untouchable students at Barshi.
1926 Gave evidence before the Royal Commission on Indian Currency (Hilton Young Commisssion).Nominated Member of the Bombay Legislative Council.
1927 Mar 20 Started Satyagraha at Mahad (Dist Kolaba) to secure to the untouchables the Right of access to the Chavdar Tank.
1927 Apr 3 Started a fortnightly Marathi paper Bahiskrit Bharat Dr Ambedkar himself was the editor.
1927 Sept Established ‘Samaj Samata Sangh’.
1927 Dec Second Conference in Mahad.
1928 Mar Introduced the “Vatan Bill” in the Bombay Legislative Council.
1928 May Gave evidence before the Indian Statutory Committee (Simon Commission).
1928 June Professor. Government Law College Bombay.Principal. Government Law College Bombay.
1928-29 Member. Bombay Presidency Committee of the Simon Committee.
1930 Mar Satyagraha at Kalram Temple. Nasik to secure for the Untouchables the right of entry into the temple.
1930-32 Delegate. Round Table Conference representing Untouchables of India.
1932 Sept Signed with Mr. M.K. Gandhi the Poona Pact giving up, to save Gandhi’s life. separate electorates granted to the Depressed Classes by Ramsay MacDonald’s Communal Award, and accepting, instead representation through joint electorates.
1932-34 Member joint Parliamentary Committee on the Indian Constitutional Reform.
1934 Left Parel, Damodar Hall and came to stay in ‘Rajagriha’ Dadar (Bombay). This was done in order to get more accommodation for his library which was increasing day by day.
1935 May 26 Death of wife. Mrs. Ramabai Ambedkar.
1935 June Dr. Ambedkar was appointed as Principal of Government Law College, Bombay. He was also appointed Perry Professor of
Oct 13 Historical Yeola Conversion Conference held under the Presidentship of Dr. Ambedkar at Yeola Dist., Nasik. He exhorted the Depressed Classes to leave Hinduism and embrace another religion. He declared: ‘I was born as a Hindu but I will not die as a Hindu’. He also advisedhisfollowers to abandon the Kalaram Mandi entry Satyagriha, Nasik.
Dec Dr. Ambedkar was invited by the Jat Pat Todak Mandal of Lahore to preside over the Conference. Dr.Ambedkar prepared his historical speech. The Annihilation of Caste’. The conference was cancelled by the Mandal on the ground that Dr.Ambedkar’s thoughts were revolutionary. Finally, Dr. Ambedkar refused to preside and published his speech in book form in1937.
1936 Jan 12-13 The Depressed Classes Conference was held at Pune.Dr. Ambedkar reiterated his resolve of the Yeola Conference to leave Hinduism. The conference was presided over by Rav Bahadur N. Shina Raj.
Feb 29 Dr. Ambedkar’s Conversion Resolution was supported by the Chambars (Cobblers) of East Khandesh.
May 30 Bombay Presidency Conversion Conference (Mumbai Elaka Mahar Panshad) of Mahars was held at Naigaum (Dadar) to sound their opinion on the issue of Conversion. Mr. Subha Rao, popularly known as Hydrabadi Ambedkar, presided over the Conference. In the morning the Ascetics shaved their beards, moustaches and destroyed their symbols of Hinduism in an Ascetic’s Conference.
June 15 Conference of Devadasis was held m Bombay to support Dr. Ambedkar’s Resolution of Conversion.
June 18 Dr. Ambedkar-Dr. Moonje talks on conversion. Pro Sikkhism.
June 23 Matang Parishad in support of Conversion.
Aug Dr. Ambedkar founded the Independent Labour Party, a strong opposition party in Bombay’s Legislative Council.
Sept 18 Dr.Ambedkar sent a delegation of 13 members to the Golden Temple Amritsar to study Sikkhism.
Nov 11 Dr.Ambedkar left for Geneva and London.
1937 Dr.Ambedkar organised the ‘Municipal Workers’ Union’ Bombay in 1937.
Jan 14 Dr. Ambedkar returned to Bombay.
Feb 17 The First General Elections were held under the Govt. of India Act of 1935. Dr. Ambedkar was elected Member of Bombay Legislative Assembly (Total Seats 175. Reserved Seats 15. Dr. Ambedkar’s Independent Labour Party won 17 seats.)
Mar 17 The Mahad Chowdar Tank case was decided in favour of D.C. by which they got a legal right to use the public wells and tanks.
July31 Dr. Ambedkar received a grand reception at Chalisgaon Railway station.
Sept 17 Dr. Ambedkar introduced his Bill to abolish the Mahar Watan in the Assembly
Dec31 Reception at Pandhapur on the way to Solapur, where he was going to preside over the Solapur District D.C’. Conference.
1938 Jan 4 Reception given by the Solapur Municipal Council.
1938 Jan The Congress Party introduced a Bill making a change in the name of Untouchables. i.e. they would be called Harijans meaning sons of God. Dr. Ambedkar criticised the Bill. as in his opinion the change of name would make no real change in their conditions. Dr. Ambedkar and Bhaurav Gaikwad protested against the use of the term Harijans in legal matters. When the ruling party by sheer force of numbers defeated the I.L.P., the Labour-Party group walked out of the Assembly in protest under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar. He organised peasants march on Bombay Assembly. The peasants demanded the passing of Dr. Ambedkar’s Bill for abolition of the Khoti system.
1938 Jan 23 Dr. Ambedkar addressed a Peasants’ Conference at Ahmedabad.
1938 Feb 12-13 Dr. Ambedkar addressed a historical Conference of Railway workers at Manmad (Dist. Nasik).
1938 Apr Dr. Ambedkar opposed creation of a separate Karnataka State in the national interest.
1938 May Dr. Ambedkar resigned from the Principal-ship of the Government Law College, Bombay.
1938 May 13-21 Dr. Ambedkar went on tour of Konkan Region. He also went to Nagpur in connection with a court case.
1938 Aug A meeting was held at R.M. Bhat High School, Bombay for exposing Gandhiji’s attitude in disallowing a D.C. man being taken into the Central Ministry.
1938 Sept Dr. Ambedkar spoke on the Industrial Disputes Bill in the Bombay Assembly. He bitterly opposed it for its attempt to outlaw the right of workers to strike. He said: If Congressmen believe that Swaraj is their birth-right, then the right to strike is the birth-right of workers.
1938 Oct 1 Dr. Ambedkar addressed a large gathering at Bawala, near Ahmedabad. On return he addressed another meeting at Premabhai Hall, Ahmedabad.
1938 Nov 6 The Industrial Workers strike. The procession (under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar, Nirnkar, Dange, Pasulkar etc) was organised from Kamgar Maidan to Jambori Maidan, Worli. Dr.Ambedkar toured the workers areas with Jamvadas Mehta.
1938 Nov 10 Dr. Ambedkar moved a Resolution for adoption of the methods for birth-control in the Bombay Assembly.
1938 Dec Dr. Ambedkar addressed the first D.C. Conference in Nizam’s dominion at Mahad.
1939 Jan 18 Dr. Ambedkar addressed a large gathering at Rajkot
Jan 19 Ambedkar-Gandhi talks.
Jan 29 Kale Memorial Lecture of Gorkhale School of Politics and Economics, Poona reviewing critically the All India Federation Scheme set out in the Govt. of India Act of 1935. The speech was issued in March 1939 as a tract for the times under the title ‘Federation v/s Freedom’.
July Dr. Ambedkar addressed a meeting organised for Rohidas Vidya Committee.
Oct Dr.Ambedkar-Nehru first meeting.
Dec The Conference at Haregaon was held under the Presidentship of Dr.Ambedkar to voice the grievances of Mahar and Mahar Watandass
1940 May Dr. Ambedkar founded the ‘Mahar Panchayat’.
1940 July 22 Netaji Subash Chandra Bose met Dr. Ambedkar in Bombay.
1940 Dec Dr. Ambedkar published his Thoughts on Pakistan. The second edition with the title Pakistan or Partition of India was issued in February 1945. A third impression of the book was published in 1946 under the title India’s Political What’s What: Pakistan or Partition of India.
1941 Jan Dr.Ambedkar pursued the issue of recruitment of Mahars in the Army. In result the Mahars Battallion was formed
1941 May 25 Mahar Dynast Panchayat Samiti was Formed by Dr. Ambedkar.
1941 July Dr.Ambedkar was appointed to sit on the Defence Advisory Committee.
1941 Aug The Conference was held at Sinnar in protest of tax on Mahar Watams. Dr.Ambedkar launched a no-tax campaign. He saw the Governor. Finally, the tax was abolished. The Mumbai Elaka Conference of Mahars, Mangs and Derdasis were organised under the Chairmanship of Dr.Ambedkar
1942 Apr Dr. Ambedkar founded the All India Scheduled Castes Federation in Nagpur.
1942 July 18 Dr. Ambedkar addressed All India D.C. Conference at Nagpur.
1942 July 20 Dr.Ambedkar joined the Viceroy’s Executive Council as a Labour Member
1942 Dec Dr. Ambedkar submitted a paper on “The problems of the Untouchables in India” to the Institute of Pacific Relations at its Conference held in Canada. The paper is printed in the proceedings of the Conference. The paper was subsequently published in December 1943 in the book form under the title Mr Gandhi and Emancipation of the Untouchables.
1943 Jan 19 Dr. Ambedkar delivered a Presidential address on the occasion of the 101st Birth Anniversary of Justice Mahader Govind Ranade. It is published in book form in April 1943 under the titleRanade. Gandhi and Jinnah.
1944 Dr. Ambedkar founded “The Building Trust and the Scheduled Caste Improvement Trust”.
1944 May 6 Dr.Ambedkar addressed the Annual Conference of the All India S.C. Federation at Parel (Bombay) The speech was later published under the title “The Communal Deadlock and a way to solve it.’
1944 June Dr.Ambedkar published his book What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables – a complete compendium of information regarding the movement of the Untouchables for political safeguards. Dr.Ambedkar attended the Simla Conference.
1944 July Dr Ambedkar founded ‘People’s Education Society’ in Bombay.
1946 Dr Ambedkar gave evidence before the British delegation.
1946 Apr Opening of Siddharth College of Arts and Science in Bombay
1946 May The Bharat Bhushan Printing Press (founded by Dr Ambedkar) was burnt down in the clashes between D.C. and the Caste-Hindus
1946 June 20 Siddharth College started
Sept Dr Ambedkar went to London to urge before the British Government and the Opposition Party the need to provide safeguards for the D.C., on grant of Independence to India and thus to rectify the wrongs done to the D.C. by the Cabinet Mission.
Oct 13 Dr Ambedkar published his book. Who were Shudras? An enquiry into how the Shudras came to be the fourth Varna in the Indo-Aryan Society.Dr Ambedkar was elected Member of the Constitution Assembly of India.
Nov Dr Ambedkar’s First speech in the Constituent Assembly. He called for a ‘strong and United India’.
1947 Mar Published ‘States and Minorities’. A memorandum of Fundamental Rights, Minority Rights, safeguards for the D.C. and on the problems of Indian states.
1947 Apr 29 Article 17 of the Constitution of India for the abolition of Untouchability was moved by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the Constituent Assembly and it was passed.
1947 Aug 15 India obtained her Independence. Dr Ambedkar was elected to the Constituent Assembly by the Bombay Legislature Congress Party. Dr Ambedkar joined Nehru’s Cabinet. He became the
First Law Minister of Independent India. The Constituent Assembly appointed him to the drafting Committee, which elected him as a Chairman on 29th August 1947.
1948 Feb Dr Ambedkar completed the Draft Constitution of Indian Republic.
1948 Apr 15 Second marriage – Dr Ambedkar married Dr Sharda Kabir in Delhi.
1948 Oct Published his book The Untouchables. A thesis on the origin of Untouchability. Dr Ambedkar submitted his Memorandum, “Maharashtra as a linguistic Province” to the Dhar Commission. The Linguistic Provinces Commission).
1948 Oct 4 Dr.Ambedkar presented the Draft Constitution to Constituent Assembly.
1948 Nov 20 The Constituent Assembly adopted Article 17 of the Constitution for the abolition of Untouchability.
1949 Jan Dr Ambedkar, Law Minister of India visited Hydrabad (Deccan)
1949 Jan 15 Dr Ambedkar was presented with a Purse at Manmad by his admirers. He addressed a large gathering.
1949 Jan 21 He stayed at Aurangabad in connection with his opening proposed College. During the stay he visited Ajanta – Ellora Caves.
1949 Mar/ may Dr Ambedkar visited Bombay in connection with College work and for a medical check-up.
1949 Sept Meeting between Dr Ambedkar and Madhavrao Golvalker, Chief of RRs and the residence of Dr Ambedkar at Delhi.
1949 Nov Dr Ambedkar came to Bombay for college work meeting and medical check-up.
1949 Nov Dr Ambedkar addressed the Constituent Assembly.
1949 Nov 26 Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution. Dr Ambedkar came to Bombay for check-up.
1950 Jan 11 Dr Ambedkar addressed the Siddharth College Parliament on the Hindu Code Bill. In the evening he was presented with a silver casket containing a copy of the Indian Constitution at Nare Park Maidan, Bombay.
May Dr Ambedkar’s article The Buddha and the Future His Religion’ was published in the journal of Mahabodhi Society, Calcutta. Dr.Ambedkar addressed the Young Men’s Buddhist Association on “The Rise and Fall of Hindu Women”. Dr Ambedkar spoke on the “Merits of Buddhism” at the meeting arranged on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti in Delhi.
1950 Sept 1 Dr Rajendra Prasad, the First President of the Indian Republic laid the foundation stone of Milind Maharidyalaya, Aurangabad. Dr.Ambedkar delivered a speech on the occasion (The printed speech is available with Mr Surwade)
1950 Dec Dr Ambedkar went to Colombo as a Delegate to the World Buddhist Conference.
1951 Feb 5 Dr.Ambedkar, Law Minister introduced his “Hindu Code Bill” in the Parliament.
1951 Apr 15 Dr Ambedkar laid the foundation stone of “Dr Ambedkar Bhavan”. Delhi.
1951 July Dr Ambedkar founded “The Bhartiya Buddha Jansangh”.
1951 Sept Dr Ambedkar compiled a Buddhist prayer book Buddha Upasana Palha
1951 Sept 9 Dr Ambedkar resigned from the Nehru Cabinet because, among other reasons, the withdrawal of Cabinet support to the Hindu Code Bill in spite of the earlier declaration in the Parliament by the Prime Minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, that his Government would stand or fall with the Hindu Code Bill. Apart from this Nehru announced that he will sink or swim with the Hindu Code Bill.Dr Ambedkar published his speech in book form under the title The Rise and Fall of Hindu Women.
1951 Sept 19 The marriage and divorce Bill was discussed in the Parliament.
1951 Oct 11 Dr Ambedkar left the Cabinet.
1952 Jan Dr Ambedkar was defeated in the First Lok Sabha elections held under the Constitution of Indian Republic. Congress candidate N. S. Kajrolkar defeated Dr Ambedkar.
1952 Mar Dr Ambedkar was introduced into Parliament as a member of the Council (Rajya Sabha) of States, representing Bombay.
1952 June 1 Dr Ambedkar left for New York from Bombay.
1952 June 15 Columbia University (USA) conferred the honorary Degree of LL.D., in its Bi-Centennial Celebrations Special Convocation held in New York.
1952 June 16 Dr Ambedkar returned to Bombay.
1952 Dec 16 Dr Ambedkar addressed Annual Social Gathering of Elphinstone College, Bombay.
1952 Dec 22 Dr Ambedkar delivered a talk on “Conditions Precedent to the Successful working of Democracy” at the Bar Council, Pune.
1953 Jan 12 The Osmania University conferred the honorary Degree of LL.D on Dr Ambedkar.
1953 Mar The Untouchability (offences) Bill was introduced in the Parliament by the Nehru Government.
1953 Apr Dr Ambedkar contested the By-Election for Lok Sabha from Bhandara Constituency of Vidarbha Region but was defeated Congress Candidate Mr Borkar.
1953 May Opening of Siddharth College of Commerce and Economics in Bombay.
1953 Dec Dr Ambedkar inaugurated the All India Conference of Sai devotees at the St. X’avier’s Maidan Parel Bombay (His inaugural speech is available with Mr Surwade)
1954 May Dr Ambedkar visited Rangoon to attend the function arranged on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti.
1954 June The Maharaja of Mysore donated 5 acres of land for Dr Ambedkar’s proposed Buddhist Seminary to be started at Bangalore
1954 Sept 16 Dr Ambedkar spoke on the Untouchability (Offences) Bill in the Rajya Sabha
1954 Oct 3 dj- ambedkar broadcast his talk “My Personal Philosophy”
1954 Oct 29 Shri R. D. Bhandare, President of Bombay Pradesh S.C. Federation presented a purse of Rs 118,000 on behalf of S.C.F. to Dr Ambedkar at Purandare Stadium, Naigaum (Bombay)
1954 Dec Dr Ambedkar participated as delegate to the 3rd World Buddhist Conference at Rangoon.
1955 April 3 Delivered a speech “Why Religion is necessary”.
1955 May Dr Ambedkar established Bhartiya Bauddha Mahasabha (The Buddhist Society of India
1955 Aug Founded ‘Murnbai Rajya KanishthaGarkamgart Association’
1955 Dec Published his opinions on linguistic states in book form under the title Thoughts on linguistic States.
1955 Dec Dr Ambedkar installed an image of Buddha at Dehu Road (near Pune)
1955 Dec 27 Dr Ambedkar spoke against reservation of seats in the State and Central Legislatures.
1956 Feb Dr Ambedkar completed his The Buddha and His Dhamma, Revolution & Counter-revolution in Ancient India.
1956 Mar 15 Dr Ambedkar wrote and dictated the Preface of The Buddha and His Dhamma.
1956 May 1 Dr Ambedkar spoke on Linguistic states in the Council of States.Dr Ambedkar spoke on BBC London on “Why I like Buddhism”, Also, he spoke for Voice Voice of America on “The Future of Indian
1956 May 24 Dr Ambedkar attended a meeting at Nare Park organised on the eve of Buddha Jayanti, Shri B.G.Kher, Prime Minister of Bombay was Chief Guest. This meeting was the last meeting of Dr Ambedkar in Bombay.
1956 June Opening of Siddharth College of Law in Bombay.
1956 Oct 14 Dr Ambedkar embraced Buddhism at an historic ceremony at Diksha Bhoomi, Nagpur with his millions of followers. Announced to desolve S.C.F and establish Republican Party.
1956 Nov 20 Delegate, 4th World Buddhist Conference, Khalinandu, where he delivered his famous speech famous speech ‘Buddha or Karl Marx’.
1956 Dec 6 Maha Nirvana at his residence, 26 Alipore Road,New Delhi.
1956 Dec 7 Cremation at Dadar Chawpatti – Now known as Chaitya Bhoomi Dadar (Bombay).

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      Rahul Gajbhiye

      Really , I salute Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhim Roa Ambedkar , how lucky the people who have seen,heard and touched Baba saheb Ambedkar , I also want to see you Mr, Baba Saheb Ambedkar . There was no person in the world in the past and no person will born in future like you Sir .

  23. 93

    he is a ocean of the world , there is no end for ambedkar studies . he can achieve a miles of degrees in 19 th century at a very short span of time without no support and no single facility .. then in todays 20 th century also no one can achieve this many degrees then why cant we salute this man for what he has done for us and the whole india

  24. 97
    Ritesh Rajwade

    Kama vasana (Lust)
    Krodha (Anger)
    Moha (Delusion)
    Lobha (Greed)
    Mada (Over Pride)
    Matsara (Jealousy)
    Manas (Mind)
    Buddhi (Intellect)
    Chitta (Will)
    Ahankara (Ego).

    baba tussi g8 ho

  25. 99

    hi this is manish nikam and i have visited this site n found that there r people in india who r trying to spread our religion and baba’s thoughts to the people who r all our the country n world too. i would like to thanx all u people out there who r struggling so hard for one single n good cause ,but there r still many villages n districts who r unaware of this we all have to educate those people out there who doesn’t know anything.and also there r lot of other caste people who r trying to discriminat our caste,and also feels that babasaheb has done nothing to them but i”ll like inform them that it was babasaheb only who were fighting with congress leader for the “HINDU CODE BILL “to all of us
    once again thanx n great job done by our all brothers who atleast have this feeling that they r the followers of babasheb and also there r our caste people only who r also feeling shy to say jai bhim in public places so iwould like to say to all of them that ” if babasaheb was not there for us then today also our people where seen cleaning toilets in rich persons house’s, so don’t forget “BHARATRATNA DR BHIMRAO RAMJI AMBEDKAR ”
    also suggest me the book names written by b r ambedkar n also books written on them for my collections to read n be a part of ur team.
    thanx n regards

  26. 103
    Dr U V Singh

    I am happy that you are working in this field,i am a doctor in TB hospital Etawah UP, As you might be knowing that mata Rama bai expired due to TB.I have decleared that I will devote My entire life for TB patients as a mark of respect to her. I request you to spread this message that any person who is having cough for more then 2 weeks get your sputum examined at nearest Govt hospital only if any problem any where in this country give my phone no 09451534957 to patient and call me directly I will help

  27. 105
    Arun garud

    Jay bhim first, I would this much say that u done an outstanding job buddy. in short i m speechless this is a very bright work this must be help for those people in whose bodies the blood of revolution is running ARUN GARUD UR buddy

  28. 106
    Arun garud

    Jay bhim first, It is really outstanding job u done buddy A lot of things i leart as well as many hidden events came into my eyes site I wish 2 learn more abt Baba plz send me such book’s name which wil help me for the same again thankful 4 ur g8 job jay bhim in case cont my no is 9665062762

  29. 111
    Mahabir Singh Bhati

    Dear Friends I am keenly interested to do research on educational thoughts or philosophy of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. If you have books of thoughts or philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar pl. assist me to do my project. I have searched many sites but still the search is all in vein. So assist me to complete the assignment of doctoral research. I shall be very thankful to you. Mahabir Singh Bhati.

  30. 112
    Mahabir Singh Bhati

    Dear brothers/sisters Jai Bhim Pl. let me know the books on Dr. Ambedkar that contains the educational philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar for research purpose. Thanks.
    Mahabir Singh Bhati

  31. 113
    Atish Mahendra Mane

    Jai Bhim,

    To all my dear friends,Brothers and Sisters this is a a first time i am visiting this website. and i got a great surprise to see this type of wonderful and full of information which is telling the information of ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’ and ‘Lord Buddha’ really we all know they are the only great person who has done the great job for the living being of the earth.
    And i also got satisfaction after seeing the good response of the reader of this website.And i am sure now that day is very near when entire world will follow the route of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Lord Buddha’s thought.
    But friend that day will be possible only when our people will take step forward and when they will come together.
    So, lets start from today itself i am giving my contact no. pls contact me then we can help for making the Buddhist/Dalit Prime Minister of India


    frinds pls rply me then we will make a good group and i promiss to you that i will take full efforts and help to solve all problem
    i will give you my website later

  32. 114

    We the people of Republic India ,taking oath for to make the pure Buddhist India of Your Dream. This generation has the power & brain to fulfill the great Mission for huminity ….. No God,No Person,No leader did such great work (blessings) for HUMINITY. The whole world would always be thankful for your Buddhist Attitude. We proud of Hon’ble Babasaheb Ambedkar. Above commenters (My brothers and sisters) I think we need to work over only action plans now. Whoever read , think,follow Babasaheb will reach at top of the world. Jai Bhim – Jai Bharat !

  33. 119
    Nitinkumar Sakhare

    Respected sir,
    Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar is first Spritul revaran,and champion of champion in study in world.His vision is peak of mountain and heart is spreard like occean.He has a first father of slavery remove in world,and given a humanity,equality,fatarnity,male and female equal apportunities.
    Myself and behalf my family my mom yamunatai and dady Brijlal Sakhar given the regards and NILA (BLUE) SALAM.

  34. 120

    Please let me know the Book shop where I can get all the 17 volumes of “Dr. BR Ambedkar’s Speeches and Writings” published by Maharashtra Government. In Delhi only few volumes of the aforesaid book are available.


  35. 121


    The sooner you remove the foolish belief that your miseries were preordained the better. The thought that your poverty is an inevitability, and is inborn and inseparable is entirely erroneous. Abandon this line of thought of considering yourselves to be slaves. Dr.Babasaheb.


  36. 124

    Dear Brother

    Thank you for this very much needed job. I have downloaded the books of The Most Rev. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. Hats off to you.

    I am very much considered of the fate of Dalits. The demonic caste hindus, caste Christian and all castist barbarians still oppress the sons of soils. We need a dalit consolidation.


  37. 132
    K .P. Maurya

    aapka karya baht achha hai. thanks. I am proud of you.


    KP Maurya

  38. 135


  39. 136
    Waghmare Rajiv Kishanrao

    respected Brother,
    first upon i salute your nobel work, today various inf. published on internet but your work is nobel & great bez Ambedkar Movement oriented proper inf. not found me, really iam surprise, amazing bez after login your website really vouge inf. found about Dr.Ambedkar and it is best website for Ambedkar Movement. it good blog for us.
    thanks and good wishes for your work.

  40. 140

    Dear Pradeep,

    I am very much delighted by your work. i would like to make some contribution to your site. i can offer making Audio book of writting and speeches. about ten writtings i already have. they are made by computer generated voice. there are also books on Buddhism and dr. Ambedkar made by me. can you consider uploading those Audiobooks together with ebooks?

    i assume you know how to upload Audio stuff. as you already done some work with Vedeo Stuff.

    let me know soon. Can we talk on phone?

    This is my No. 9158239960

    Visit my blog for example.

  41. 142

    Dear All,

    “My Leader” about Muhammad Ali Jinnah this book already banned in india.
    i think it will be available in pakistan..if anyone can arrange softcopy of that book
    just give me the link.



  42. 144
    Ashiq Lukman

    Dear All

    I would like to know about a book by Baba Saheb Ambedkar, “My Leader” about Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Can anybody help on this matter.



  43. 150
    shankar ramakrishnan

    Great website with tons of information about Dr BR. Good job. One afternoon it just hit me to do some search about the untouchables history in INDIA. Stumbled upon this link. I am lovin it. Lot of information. Thank you!

    • 153

      iam a fan of dr ambedkar iread somewhere on the same website”i reject hindu social philosophy propounded in bhagtwatgita based………… of hindu philosophy”iam a student of gita and caste system is based on guna and aptitude. this needs to be corrected thanks

  44. 154
    Sameer A. Kamble

    our present generation of buddhists must read these books, we shouldn’t forget our history & past.

    Pradeep Sir,
    thank you very much

  45. 156
    Blumoon Books

    It is very important that the 21st cnetury India should read the thoughts of Dr.Ambedkar. We have published `The Blue Book of Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar’ compiled by A.L.Rawal,Rs.60. to propagate his ideas. We have also published many more books to popularise his ideas.

  46. 160

    jai bhim ,
    Dr, ambedkar was great, is best, will best & great .so we need to obtain his some thing .&required to maintain his ideal persnality .

  47. 161
    Vinod Sartape

    jai Bheem,

    It is a great efforts to remind ideal thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar which make people conscientize upon social circumstances….and regain, reclaim actual Human being…

  48. 165

    I dont have words to praise your work.
    Thanks for providing me facility to read the books which were left because of lack of availability.
    Please continue your work with new vigour.
    If you need help of my capability, please e-mail me.

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