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About Velivada


Many friends are asking what does Velivada mean? Ok, here is a bit about what does it mean and why we started a website under this name.

Like many of you, we didn’t know anything about what does Velivada mean. In fact, we had never heard this word in our life until one day when Rohith Vemula and his friends were thrown out on the street for protesting against the casteist behaviour of University of Hyderabad administration. They made open sky their home to protest and put on the poster with the name – Velivada.


Velivada is a Telugu word, which literally means “Dalit Ghetto”.

Rohith Vemula touched many lives and inspired many people to fight for equal rights. This website is in the memory all those who have fought for equal rights. It is for all those who believe in equal rights!

It is not an attempt to be the voice of the voiceless but pass the pens (pass the mic) to the voiceless and let them write about their pain and about their struggle. Oppressed know better what they are going through.

There are no copyrights of the content on the website, so you are free to share (till you keep the intended meaning of the content same) without asking the permission.


…where we pitch our battle tents

…where we remember our struggle

…where Asuras fight for equal rights!

15th March 2017, on the birth anniversary of Saheb Kanshi Ram, founder of Bahujan Samaj Party, we registered Velivada website. 15th March was also an anniversary of the Hungarian revolution of 1848. So, what best day other than these 2 important days?

In Velivada team there is a team of 2 people at present and we are looking for volunteers who can help us. Please contact us if you can help us spread information and can write for us. In case you are interested in contributing with your articles or other information please submit that here.

We believe in equality and promote those ideas. We hate inequality!

You can email us at contact[@]

Today saffron blankets are spread out on our conscience and we are doomed to believe that light is impossible. But the truth will come out like a shining red sun in the blue sky and on that day, at that moment the saffron darkness will have to die. Rohith Vemula, Facebook Post, 11 September 2015

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