Brahmanist Assault on Sikh Faith – Appropriation of Sikh Faith By Brahmins


Sikhism is facing the same onslaught what Buddhist faced in around the 9th century, Buddhism and Sikhism earned a deep-rooted hostility of Brahmanism because of revolt against Brahmanical philosophy which believes in the caste system, the derogatory position of women (devadasis) and exploitation of lower caste people both mentally and physically. After successful assimilation and elimination of Buddhist from India, now its turn for Sikhism. Brahmanism always feared Sikh faith which proclaimed the equality of all humanity and rejected brahman supremacy and all those exploitative rituals which still are principles of Brahmanism. Although Hindu fundamentalists have taken a keen interest in destroying Sikhism for centuries, this latest cycle of Hindu attacks on Sikhism is more threatening because they enjoy state patronage and impunity to crimes and hate campaigns as the state is ruled by Brahmins.

The Infiltrators

To destroy Buddhism, brahmins entered the Buddhist sanghas and tried to subvert Buddhism from within, the introduction of Tantrakism in Buddhism was a case in point. Now to subvert Sikhism, RSS formed an organisation named “Rashtryia Sikh Sangat” which is very active and brahman agenda driven, they used to hold meetings and distribute literature which is purely against Sikh philosophy with an agenda to assimilate Sikhism into Hinduism.The Akali party which proclaimed to be a pro-Sikh party, unfortunately, is having an alliance with BJP-RSS which only strengthens the infiltrators and made easy for brahmans to attack on Sikh faith from within. Under this alliance, the Rss made inroads and are presenting and distributing literature which proclaims that Sikhs are Hindus and mythical creatures like Vishnu, Ram, Bramha, Krishna were worshipped by Sikh Gurus. The RSS Sikh wing is not only used against sikh Faith but is also used against other religions like Muslims and Christians in order to create conflict between them, one such goal of RSS Sikh wing is to create Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and few of them were also used by in demolishing Babri Mosque.

Appropriation of Sikh Gurus and Sikh warriors

Just like Brahmans propagated that Gautam Buddha was Avtar of Vishnu in an attempt to appropriate Buddhism on same lines RSS is attempting to appropriate Sikh Gurus and Sikh warriors by propagating that they were Hindus and were supporters of Brahmanism that itself is laughable.

Guru Nanak shown in RSS

Here are some quotes that RSS and other Brahman organisations use.

1.“Instead of sacrificing humans, Guru ji sacrificed goats and started the tradition of Punj Pyaaray. All five Pyaaras were followers of the Hindu faith”
2.“The Sikh Gurus showed faith in the Hindu faith and visited Hindu pilgrimage.
3.“When Guru Arjan was doing the Kar Seva of Harimandeir, Vishnu reflected and said, “Lakshmi, the Guru is my own form. There is no difference between us. He is making my temple. Let us go and see the building of our new temple”.
4. “Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Tegh Bahadur used to pay obeisance to the feet of the Devi”.
5. “Guru Gobind Singh with the blessings of the Avatars (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) created the Khalsa Panth.”

Attempts of appropriation

1. One of the RSS’s early targets has been Baba Banda Singh Bahadur

Baba Banda Singh is a Sikh hero who first created a Sikh Rule in Punjab and struck a Sikh coin. Baba Banda Singh is also a great Sikh martyr who sacrificed his life but did not compromise his faith.The RSS has attempted to turn this great Sikh hero, into a Hindu Patriot. In the book, “Veer Banda Bairagi” by Bhai Parmanand said, Guru Gobind Singh was a defeated man who went to Nander in sadness. There he met the Hindu, Banda Bairagi who agreed to help Guru Sahib.The brahmin’s new history claims that Baba Banda Singh Bahadur never became a Sikh and was an example of a pious Hindu helping his Sikh friend. This story is of course utterly false. There was never any character named “Banda Bairagi”. Baba Banda Singh was known as Madho Das. He became a Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh by receiving Khanday Kee Pahul. This fact is confirmed by the oldest sources including Tavarikh-Iradat Khan (1714) and Panj Sau Sakhi (1734). The Bhatt Vehis mention how Guru Gobind Singh himself gave Baba Banda Singh the five kakaars and tied a keski on his head. Baba Banda Singh’s own hukumnamas all make clear that he was a Sikh of the Guru and call upon.

2. Another attempt was Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati Das

Bhai Mati Das jee is a famous Shahid of the Sikhs who happily faced death by being sawn alive but did not forsake his faith. Bhatt Vehis ( scrolls or records maintained by Bhatts was also known as Bhatra ) record the history of this Shahid and it is known that Bhai Mati Das’s grandfather, Bhai Paraga jee was a Sikh of Guru Hargobind (6th Guru) and also became a Shaheed in the battle of Ruhila.

Bhai Mati Das jee was of course then born into a Sikh family. The family had been Sikh since the time of Guru Ram Das(4th Guru). Bhai Sati Das was Bhai Sahib’s brother. Bhai Mati Das accompanied Guru Tegh Bahadur in his travels to Assam, Bengal and Bihar. When Guru Sahib was arrested and brought to Delhi, Bhai Mati Das was also brought with him. When offered the choice to forsake the Sikh faith and become a Muslim or to face death, Bhai Mati Das happily accepted the latter and only asked that he die while facing the Guru. Bhai Sati Das was also offered the choice to forsake Sikhi or death and accepted death. He was wrapped in cotton and burnt alive.Hindu fundamentalist organizations, in an effort to demean Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Shaheedee, have appropriated Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati Das as Hindu heroes. Yearly events are held to commemorate their martyrdoms but they are presented as Hindus who died for their faith.

The Judgement Day

The RSS recognizes that Hinduism is many hundreds of years old and it can slowly assimilate the Sikhs with time. By establishing links between Vishnu/Ram and the Gurus, they hope that Sikhs will see these Mythical Hindu gods as their own. With time, perhaps pictures of Raam and Vishnu will find their way into Gurdwaras. The RSS has commissioned paintings and posters that mix Hinduism and Sikhism and present Sikh figures receiving blessings from Hindu gods.

Idol worship, which is taboo in Sikhism. Guru Nanak will be an Avtar of Vishnu just like the Buddha has become and the Sikhs will be eliminated.

Author – Gagandeep Singh

Sources –
The Sikhs in History (Bhai Sangat Singh)
Tabey Ros Jaageo (Dr. Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke)

Feature Image Credit – CatchNews

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    The appropriation of Sikhism started in the time of Guru Gobind Singh when he was depicted as worshiper of Chandi. Then many more writings were concocted in his name. The Dasham Granth is one of them. Then stories were spread that GGS has formed Khalsa Panth for protection of Cow and Brahman. Now the RSSS is performing final rites of its separate identity.

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