Should We Visit Temples Patronised or Controlled by Brahmins and Brahmin Priests?


That is a big question!  Indeed A Million-Dollar Question!  But sure not difficult to Answer!  Only that We have to apply our minds, exercise them and coolly think!  That We must!!  And definitely!!!

The Hindus are big cheats, crooks and are cunning.  The Hindus basically are only the brahmins – the beggars, cheats, frauds and liars who cannot be ever believed and are untrustable.  Yes, through the Ages and World-over, they have always been seen felt considered understood and treated this way, as being untrustworthy!

The Hindu, Aryan Nomad, had no land no place no home no wife no children no family no culture no language no job and nothing of their own.  They never had anything of real value.  They never held themselves closely attached to anything fixed.  All they held were their crude big weapons, and what they had looted and could carry with them as booty – such as gold, diamonds etc that were very very small in size and volume in spite of their high values.  They were convenient for them, and could be carried easily, and also be hidden whenever required without much of a trouble or problem.  They lived by looting and cheating, and by stealing and capturing others Women.  That is why they held all women as property, had no respect for Women ever, never gave them any say or liberties or freedom.  For the same reason, they always quickly dispose off their dead, however dear and near they might have been, by burning them at the same spot, and erasing all traces of them, once and for all!

Wherever they went, the Aryans either looted with the help of cruel force or crude arms, or adopted themselves, gave up anything and everything to survive, and adjusted to suit the local requirements, till they found some other place or better pasture elsewhere to go.  They readily and easily migrated and still do the same to go to even distant far-off lands, altogether distant cultures and environments.  They had no problems and no qualms whatsoever to do anything at any time.  They easily attached and planted themselves as parasites.  The Aryan Hindus always adjusted, first to survive, and then to dominate exploit swindle and loot the people of the soil, and other locals.  They never had any loyalty or attachment to the land, the people, and the jobs that supported them.  They were always shameless.

Today, they survive comfortably and conveniently on others.  They live and eat by cheating others, stealing what are others, and by taking away what belongs to others.  Wherever they went, they had always cleverly hoodwinked the powerful Kings and Ruling Classes and co-opted the shrewd Business People to support them.  And they always patronised exploiters and supported the oppressors who sustained them.

In this Country, the nomadic Aryans first came as marauding looters.  They then conquered the land.  They had to fight with the local rulers of the settled agricultural and trading people.  They had big and frequent fights.  They had won many battles and almost equal numbers they lost.  The peaceful settled life of the local native people, the bounties of nature with rich plains, fertile lands, monsoon rains, almost perennial rivers, thick forests, and simple soft civilised ways of the society that made it almost a soft and in many ways an easy target, that even in the beginning brought them to this land, definitely attracted and influenced them to stay here.  But, the Aryan settlement here was not definitely easy, and they had to face series of frequent and long battles.  Because of their foreign origins, and nomadic ways of life, and living by looting, they could never understand and settle with the local people.  Hence they resorted to deceit, fraud, subversion and subterfuges.

Some of the Aryans, perhaps the most cunning out of their lot, established themselves as the dominating priestly class.  And slowly from that innocuous position, they donned the camouflage of being learned wise men.  They then shifted themselves to take on their own, the role of teaching, including the influential, important, dominant, opinion makers, and the ruling classes.  From that advantageous position, they soon moved on easily to advising and patronising the Governing Classes and the Business People of the Area and the Society, be they of their own Aryan Races or of the Black Locals.  Thus they had created the core of the Caste System, themselves being the Aryans and the locals differentiated as the anaryans.  Thereafter, it was much easier for them to create much wider and clear divisions of the Society.  Initially, perhaps there were only two basic parts, those who were with them, and those who were against always opposed and fighting them.  Then the wily Aryans cleverly began to separate and distance the Dominant Groups of the Society, under or well within their subtle discreet influences, from the rest of the people, the ordinary mortals of low-value working classes – the artisans and cultivators and other food-gatherers.  To facilitate their easy control over the dominant sections of the society, they created the three-tier base of Social Divisions, with three groups of dominant people – the all knowledgeable sacred priests, the all-powerful rulers, and the always defrauding traders licensed to cheat the society.  Since the people of this land were known to those living outside as Hindus, the three separated groups evolved as the basic three isolated but mutually supporting, interconnected and dependent groups or divisions of coloured varnas or castes of People of this Land.  Thus emerged the three basic Hindus – the three basic Hindu castes.  This trinity always colluded with each other, silently and effectively to loot the People of their wealth.  They then silently and also violently subverted other locals, tamed many of them, and enslaved them socially as useful helpful exploitable and uncomplaining workers and artisans, the Shudras.

To keep safe distances between each Race, to keep biological distances of others from their own women, or the women they had taken prisoners or kept captive as their personal private individual comfort women, the Aryans then had evolved the water-tight compartments of Castes.  And they fixed them firmly, as the Social Restrictions of the Castes, or the Social Caste Norms of the Varnashram System.  They had appropriately sanctified these as part of the Chaturvarna System, and later codified the rights and duties, privileges and social-distances of the Segmented People and Segregated Races by prescribing strict Caste Dharmas, which they silently declared to be god given religious sanctions.  All these have been done to ensure an assured parasitic safe privileged life and primacy of the Brahmins, in almost all walks of life.  The Brahmins are so cunning crooked and subversive that they never deal anything directly, nor are they ever straightforward or honest.  They are always evasive, adopt dubious double standards indulge in double talk, and make use of long channels of many well-knit intermediaries.  In this, and it is in this, the caste system is of great help.  That is why, in spite of many a millenniums of exploitation, cruelties, suppression and division of the masses, break up of the Nation, weakening of the Country, sufferings of the Society, losses of Independence of the State and Freedom of the People, the great dangers to the Govt, and damages to the economy, the divisive dangerous and bad Caste System survives even today.

With a Brahmin, if we discuss our donkeys, they will talk about their horses.  If we also talk about their horses, the Brahmins will swiftly shift to our cows.  If we question as to why they kill and sacrifice our young calves during their prayers and have a great liking and fascination for their soups, they will start bulldozing us.  If we choose and also can afford to neglect them, and reject their prayers, rituals, and refuse or fail to cooperate and help them in their sacrifices and yagnas, they will give up all animal sacrifices, take to other devious means to cheat us, and move on to the other extreme of becoming total vegetarians to fool and embarrass us.  They will endlessly criticise us at every small opportunity, for our traditional cultural practices and habits of consuming meat.  They will also object whenever we skin the Cows – whose blood they had taken out as milk – for Leather, Meat, and for their footwear.  But they will silently encourage human sacrifices, cold-blooded murders, and killings of helpless SC&ST Dalits.  And they will silently and discreetly instigate others to eliminate the conscious educated and literate SC&ST Dalits, as being their Varnashra Dharma and very important Caste Duty.  This is the root cause of all the unfair practices in our Schools, Colleges, Universities, Research Institutions, Govt Offices, PSUs, Banks, Financial Institutions, big and small or mini and large Private Sector Establishments, MNCs and even in the foreign Multi-Nationals and many Public Places.  These Aryans had always cleverly been using our labour, but refuse to pay us the full wages; grabbing our produce even as they fail to give us due prices; taking away our money and don’t give us proper food and drinks in their hotels restaurants and even in the roadside shops and shacks on payment, till this day.

The aryans carefully kept us away from their Caste System and condemned us Avarnas, living outside or left out of the Caste System.  They classified us as the Anaryans, outside and not part of their Chaturvarnas.  Yes, We are the Castless People!  We are beyond the Castes!!  And We are much before the Castes!  Born before the Castes!  And had been living in this Land of ours, much before they established their Castes and evolved their Caste System!!!  There is a Tamil Song, sung only in our funerals, at the last stage just before the burial –

Mudhugil Poo-Nool tharithavan Naan!
Sangha Parayan Naan!!
Jhadikku Moothavan Naan!!!
Literally it means,
I wear the flower band on my back
(This may be a symbolic thread, signyfying a rank of importance, as a mark of authority and supriority, or stand as a token substitute for the bow and arrows of the Warriors)

I am the Paraya of the Sangha
(the harbinger or convenor of the Tamil Conferences of the ancient period)

I am older than the Castes
(I pre-date the Castes)

Yes, We are the ancient People.  We are the Indigenous People.  We are the Civilised People.  We are the Proud People of this Land.  And We are large in number.  Hence We are a force to be reckoned with.  It is for these reasons that the aryans cannot ever tolerate us.

The aryans condemned us, condemn us, will condemn us, will always continue to condemn us in future also, and forever.  The aryan brahmins castigated us, insulted us, humiliated us, shamed us, exploited us, robbed us, heaped injustices on us, oppressed us, suppressed us, and yet always made use of us.

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When the aryan brahmins realised that their own god, brahma the creator could not take care of them, and so did fail all their other gods and their consorts concubines and goddesses, they began to virtually neglect them. Instead, they began to patronise the gods of the local black Kings and other small and big Rulers.  This incidentally helped them, to not only please the local Kings and Rulers, get close and worm up to them, get their ears, get favours for themselves their children families relatives and other dear and near ones, but also get closer to the officials and various authorities so as to slowly and steadily influence and control them.  Thus, the protective kshatriya, and the life-sustaining milk giving or curd selling or butter stealing cowherd gods, like the black or blue Krishna and Vishnu, and goddesses Lakshmi etc, of the servile social slave Shudras became the gods of importance for the aryan brahmins also.

The Aryan brahmins finally realised that neither their own gods and goddesses, nor those of the small number of Kings, Rulers, Officials, Authorities – most of whom they coopted adopted and absorbed – and of all other dominant classes, as well as the servile Shudras, could really help to sustain themselves and make a living. They then reluctantly at first had to recognise, and slowly in due course of time surrender completely before the Great Paraya.  That Great Paraya, Shiva of the productive majority Avarna Ati-Shudra SC&ST Dalits, is their Mahadev today.  For, gods goddesses, prayer, worship, rituals, priesthood are all easy non-taxing harmless non-risky jobs, with never any threat to the body, life, food and shelter.  They also provide respect, wide social acceptability, and access to authorities including the highest officials, rulers, and Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses.  The temples are comfortable local workplaces, which also double up, serving them very often as rentless or cheap spacious housing also.  Thus, the cunning aryan brahmin, coming as a nomad, turning to be a beggar and cheat, transformed himself to be a priest-teacher adviser and a parasitic pest on the society, became ultimately the subversive exploiter and suppressor.

Now, just because the spineless and cunning brahmins had adopted and had also ultimately appropriated our own meat-eating, liquor-consuming, drum-beating, lonely singing, and blindly and madly dancing Maha-Paraya, the Shiva of the hills and forests as their god, should we accept the brahmin, recognise him as the priests of even meat-eating Shiva?  Should we accept any Brahmin, even if he accepts Shiva’s great bloodthirsty black bullying consort – Kali, the big Parachi or Parayini, the Maya of the jungles?  Should we accept him as a born priest?  Should we concede that the only person who could be a priest, is an aryan brahmin?  Should we say that only he has that inherent right to the priesthood?  Should we also accept his Caste System, Caste Dharma, Caste superiority, higher birth, double birth or twice-born special status?  Should we give up to him all leadership authority superiority suzerainty?  Should we turn subservient to him?  Should we not Question the brahmins’ Caste System and their Leadership of the Caste System?  Should we not challenge their Social Norms, Caste Values and Dharmas?  Should we not pick holes in their concept of inviolability of the Caste System?  Should we not, at least now, destroy the hierarchy of the Castes?  Is it not the high time to demolish the Castes?   Well Yes, definitely Yes!

If the aryan brahmins were surreptitious subservient and treacherous enough to completely appropriate Shiva and Kali, and also at times cunningly replace the dark ferocious Kali with a mild soft sweet socially acceptable or appealing fair-skinned Parvathy, should we be foolish enough to go the whole hog behind the Great Hybrid Paraya Couple – Shiva and Parvathy, as symbols of happy everlasting couples and married life, or separately run behind Shiva or Kali, and become inferior beings below the brahmins, serving our own god and goddess, that too in our own temples?  If the brahmin is cunning and subversive enough to take our money and earnings, by giving up almost completely his Brahma, and surrender totally and completely at the feet of Shiva, should we not be shrewd clever wise and prudent enough to keep away and keep out the brahmins at a very long safe distance from our temples? Should we not confine him only and always as a newfound devotee, and also always keep him out from becoming a priest of any Kali or Parvathy or Shiva temple?  If we can not keep out the brahmins, should we not throw out the brahmins lock stock and barrel with every idle of Shiva and Kali or Parvathy?  Why should we hang behind him, and accept brahmin priests?  Why should we allow brahmin leadership superiority and rule?  Let him be happy with whatever idle symbols gods and goddesses he may recognise and patronise.  Let us learn to Keep our Conscience, Preserve our Liberty, Hold on to our Freedom, safeguard our Self-Respect, uphold our dignity, maintain our distance, and safely be far away from that cunning cheats and beggarly brahmins.

In view of the above, our firm and final Answer always should be No, a Big No to the brahmins, their temples, gods and goddesses – whatever be their original colour or culture.

Some may ask, as to what they can do to pray, as they still believe in god!  Well well, there is no use in praying to gods and goddesses.  First, no one knows about them.  And, no one had seen them.  And all Science Research and Space Studies had shown that there is no god or goddesses in the Universe.  If they don’t exist, or none had ever seen them, they don’t want to be seen by us in the normal course of our lives, and no one really knows them, is there any point in praying to them?  If you still want to believe and pray, please do shift and convert, as our forefathers have been doing from time immemorial to other Religions and New Religions, or be wise enough to create your own gods and goddesses!  And at least as Baba Saheb Dr BR Ambedkar had advised and indicated as far back as 1935, leave quit and throw out Hindu faith and the brahmins lock stock and barrel, and go and adopt any Religion; or as Baba Sahib did, at last, embrace at least Buddhism!  Don’t be hopelessly hoping in the brahmins and brahmanism!!  Don’t please cling to them as the unwanted undesirable appendages!!!

If some still don’t want to listen and desire to continue to stick on to the thousands of gods and goddesses, saying that, they are after all their own or original gods and goddesses, and that of their forefathers, then what further can we say? Fine, let them go ahead.  But let them always do please remember that, it is in the name of these gods goddesses and the non-existing Hindu religion, the Brahmins and their supporting caste Hindus have enslaved us, and condemned us all through the history at different times and periods as the Unbearable, Unseeables, Unapproachable, Undinables, Untouchables and now as Unacceptable.

If some still want to persist, at least let them build their own temples, have their own priests as our forefathers used to do, and as our original tribal Dalits still do back home in the Tribal Lands, and pray by themselves directly to any of their gods and goddesses.  At any cost, let them not have the Brahmins and Brahmin priests as the middlemen between them and their own gods and goddesses.  Why should they have or allow the brahmins to be, their agents and interpreters of their own needs and problems?  At least this our people can do, we hope!  If some say that they don’t have money and resources to build their own temple or temples as they may desire, then at least let them confine their worship and prayer to their houses, within their households by themselves, and do directly pray to their gods and goddesses, and speak to them if possible.  But let them please, don’t go to a temple where there is a brahmin, or a Brahmin priest, or a temple controlled by a Brahmin or brahmins.

One may ask why this bias or revulsion against the brahmins even now!

A Good Question!  Here We have the Answers!

One, who goes to a Hindu or brahmin temple, has to stand before the Brahmin first and has to willy and nilly accept the Brahmin priest and all other Brahmins and their religion as supreme.  One also will have to accept their religious tenants which says brahmins are superior, the caste system is the rule, caste dharma is binding, and one as SC&ST Dalits have to remain condemned at the bottom as Ati-Shudras.  In fact, to tell the truth, a SC/ST Dalit and any SC/ST Dalit Child, can never be a Hindu, or allowed to enter any Hindu temple, and pray to Hindu gods and goddesses! The brahmins know this very well!  Yet, they now want us and our Children in the Temples!  For their survival and livelihood and safe-existence in this Country, they need us, want us to believe and practice their rituals, and partake in them as and when administered by them.  Only because. there is money, there is power, there is an authority, and there begins their superiority over all others!  Thus the Temples become the fountainhead of Brahminism, brahminic control, brahminic authority and brahminic social system!  That is exactly why, we don’t want to believe or accept brahmins, their faith, their religion, their teachings and finally their temples gods and goddesses.

In Hinduism, one who is not a brahmin can only be subservient to the caste system, and be inferior to the brahmin who controls the castes, dominates the caste system, dictates all the caste institutions, and presides over all those who believe in the brahminical authority temples and gods.  And SC&ST Dalits will always have to play second fiddle to the caste Hindus, be and remain, unequal second-class citizens, as lowly Hindus much below the Brahmins, and be social slaves of all the caste Hindus.

Hope we now understand, the facts, the Brahmins, their religion, their gods and goddesses!

Hope we also now understand who we are, what we are, what our value is before the Brahmins and Hindus, what our status is in their eyes, what they think about us in their minds, and what they talk of us in our back and amongst themselves in private!

– Originally published in Dalitstan

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    Manan Dedhia

    There are a lot of assumptions and assertions made in this article. Are there any specific references or literature that you want to present for some of those assertions that you have made or on the original article? For e.g. the context and picture of the Aryan Nomad that was painted. I am not arguing or decided one way or the other – I want to see how accurate that picture is really.

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