Making Parliament a House of Lies and Factionalism – Modi and His Rhetoric in Rajya Sabha


In his speech addressed to RS and broadcasted all over India through RSTV, Modi hit the bottom low. He spent all his time and energy on how the Congress party destroyed India. There is some grain of truth in what Modi said in the parliament about Congress, but his reading of the post-transfer-of-power history of India is twisted, perverted, and very lop-sided.

Modi claims that he is the representative of all people and the part of people that do not agree with him are enemies of the nation. Modi in short claims that he is the “nation into itself”, nay, he is India. Modi is not India, but he claims that he is the mascot of India. Modi puts all the blame on the Congress party, easily forgetting how his source and organisation have been privy to the destruction of the very fabric of India. The factionalism and communalism that likes of Hegdewar, Savarkar, Golwalkar, and other Brahminical orthodox people caused in India are unprecedented and the great obstacle in the making of India as a secular, socialist, and democratic republic.

Gandhi and Nehru had a vision of India that was to be built on the Hinduism, which can conveniently suited to their political power in India. Tilak-Savarkar-RSS had a vision of India where the upper caste hegemony would continue to trample the OBCs, SCs, and STs with the might of Brahminical Hinduism.

The only vision that stood up for the welfare and benefits for all was the vision of the great Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar. Though fighting for the civil and political rights of the people they represented, they never caused the splits in the society the way two regimes led by the upper castes did. In fact, the upper caste regime can only survive with the continuation of factions between the communities at large. India’s social, economic, and cultural development destroys the power of India’s upper caste regime.

That is the reason RSS/BJP hides in the garb of nationalism without tackling the issues that are more important than fighting with enemies outside. Modi wants Congress-free India, the people of India wants caste-free and communalism-free India: India that will make everyone feel safe and home. What is the contribution of the RSS/BJP in making India a true republic of all people? Nothing. While the Congress party must be questioned and it is guilty on many counts particularly the way Congress betrayed the lower castes and the minorities in India and ruled India like a feudal state, the Brahmin-inspired fundamentalism is the worst of its kind. The leaders of the non-Brahmin movement rightly called both Congress and BJP, Saanpnaath and Naagnath.

Both the regimes are poisonous to the majority of India and in creating this bipolarity in Indian politics, they reduce the genuine fight for the democratisation to the margin. It is like a dog fighting with another dog over the territory owned by someone else.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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