Is the Government Authorized to Peep into the Private Lives of People?


In an interesting twist, the SC bench has arrived at the conclusions which cannot be accepted by the citizens of India. The government has no right to the private lives of the people. But the judgement claims as if the government has a right to information, just like the citizens have to right to information. This is the perversion of the democracy to its highest level. In the democracy, the governor is, in reality, the servant to the governed who is the master. The Government is there to serve the people, and not the other way round.

Snowden has exposed the loopholes in the process of collecting information from the citizens by the private players like mobile companies. He questions why they need to have the personal data of the people being the private party. He is right on many counts. The mobile companies and the Internet-based services offered by so many companies can map the digital footprints of the people in a way that can completely expose their private lives, their social networks, and their important secrets. This can become the tool at the hands of the people in power to twist the citizens.

When the RSS/BJP government is so keen to have “right to information” of the citizens, it has become the worst secretive regime India would have ever seen. The government is not ready to expose the financial transaction in the Raffale deal and how the private party like Reliance Defense is involved in it and at what length. When can the private company be made a conduit for the information sharing and secretive dealings, why the citizens, under whose defence the government runs, are not allowed to have access to the information?

In a more interesting twist, the Government is claiming that it does not have the financial details of the loans given to Mallaya. If not the Government, who would know it and have such an information? India is going through a definite take over by the deep state that controls an intricate network of finances, secretive deals, and betrayal of the citizens under the garb of democracy.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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