Cess pe Cess, Hitting the SCs/STs and Creating Wealth Out of Cow Dung – Summary of Budget 2018


The budget 2018 is the last full budget of the RSS/BJP Government and it is reckless on many accounts, but on one account it is irresponsible is shifting the burden of its mindless spending on those who will govern in 2021. The Fiscal Responsibility Act makes it compulsory for the Government to limit the fiscal deficit to 3 percent. The current FM is claiming that it will be 3.3 percent. The point 3 percent difference is not a small difference when it comes to the fiscal deficit, but who cares, when the RSS/BJP government is least concerned with the poor people.

The RSS/BJP Government is practicing the version of imposing cess to finance many campaigns such as Swacch Bharat. If you read the various bills when we eat in the restaurant you will find that there are many cesses covered. Why does the Government rely on the cess? It is a loot from the citizens by another way.

The RSS/BJP government continued to deny the fair share of the SCs/STs in proportionate to their population and it stole the legitimate money that belongs to these classes. It is claiming that they increased the budget of the SCs by 12 percent and that of STs by 20 percent, but it is all eyewash as the pool-bound states are dominated by STs, but they will not get anything promised in the budget as the history has it.

The government is trying to make India a capital of cow dung power. It launched a plan called GOBAR-DHAM (Galvanizing Organic Bio-Agro Resources) Dhan. The RSS/BJP Government is the master of creating acronyms and it is confusing to understand GOBAR and its relationship to Bio-CNG!

All in all the budget promised the citizens of India: Gobar (Cow dung) Dhan!

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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