Brahmanism is An Inhuman Barbarian System


Brahmanism is an inhuman barbarian system, simply offending basic manners for another individual except its own clan, carefully designed on purpose in the most evil way possible, toxically designed, manufactured, built over a period of three millennia by the most cunning human parasites in the Indian history of human race on the mostly trophical Indian sub-continent – by the easy life seeking group of people, designated themselves as ‘Brahmins’, wearing a white thread across their body, from left to right with clear focus, goal to loot free of labor and costs of the goods and services of productive natives, dividing them through mass propaganda of their irrational stories, through oral, written, paint and sculptures in their temples-small and big box – all of which are built free of any of Bramin individuals labor, or physical effort through the systemic manipulative techniques structured in a way to keep people of all levels and classes, ignorant through appropriation in stealthy ways – from the native works and customs in a massive scale, over the centuries, and now with a newer force and a notorious vigor in modern times after these forces recaptured the power almost to an absolute scale in India with impunity.

Brahmanism, by the white threaded brahmins, are in the business of maintaining status quo, of their perks and privileges by birth thorough continued lies thrust upon people by power captures by indirect and direct means over last three millennia in the Indian subcontinent.

These are group of marauders, posing as religious genius with their self-promoting lies of human life before and after creation of universe, as if the Vedic Brahmin was at the backbone of creating this universe with a view to fleece the powers and peoples alike – of their goods and services through the fake Hindu varieties of god market, advertising and selling.

The Vedic clan armed with stories such as ‘puranas’ (meaning old) and such in a non-existing god praising poetic language called ‘Sanskrit’ – now dead-except, used exclusively as a secretive tool to keep the cheat god market going – a psychological management language – that even abuses the gullible who worship their numerous gods, goddess and animals with myriad conflicting relationships, including bestiality and outrights contradictory to normal human relationships. Brahminism is short, is a retrograde practice implemented, in contemporary times in the form of caste embedded Hinduism, sustained by the networks of an exclusive organization headed by the nasty characters, called shankaracharies in India across some dozen strategic riverbank cities.

Thus a group of by the invading army of immigrants from the Caspian Sea area by foot and their chariots to a self-sustained rich areas, and rich hearted have been completely made into a no interactive, most part divided into rigid and closed castes – with nothing much to celebrate the so-called Indian freedom – there is no freedom in caste-based Hinduism.

One has to live through its caste stamp though-out his lifetime -that is some 50 generations and counting-all for the selfish motives of a population that is just about 3% that has managed to instill a foolproof and destructive method on a population of about 97% – all from a cunning group of people who managed to get settlements across India. Remember only a group of about 50 landed in the current Americas but were able to conquer the whole natives geography that is three times the size of India. In short, it is easy for thieves to occupy the whole home once let in.

No wonder, Brahminism is now aptly worded as ‘Bra-meanism’.

Author – Suthamalli AdiDravida

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    Dr. Dev

    Scholarly written article… Unfortunately, many followers of Hinduism live with colour blindness.. cannot appreciate your fitting statement ‘Bra meanism’

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