Death of Secularism and Judiciary – Saffronization of Indian Democracy


It grieves me to write about the bad time of largest democracy of the world. Unfortunate and danger time the for Indian democracy already came after BJP/ RSS government achieve the political power in centre as well as in most of the state. The institutional murder of Students, professors, writers, social activists, and judges have increased and death for dissents has become common. The rise in violence against Muslims and Dalits is full of dire portent when seen against the subtle push the central and the BJP ruled state government are giving to the idea of Hindu Rashtra. The recent unprecedented revolt by four Supreme Court judges can provide the much light behind the shadow of sangha rule over the people’s hope.

The issues related to the public institution such as university, hospital and even UPSC and Supreme Court must never regarded as an internal matter. Suicide of rohit vemula was institutional murder committed by the authority of the University of Hyderabad which push back the dream of many poor student who come to university for proceed towards their dream. The central government in recent play game against the university students by intervene in students politics as well as by brought many rules which is totally against student one of them is compulsory attendance of research scholar. Government neither implied to the university on Rohit Vemula case nor it take any serious decision against the authority of UOH.

The crime, chilling and macabre, is a challenge to the sovereignty of the state and to the freedom of thought and expression and individual activism. The murder of Narendra dabholkar, Govind pansare, M.M. Kulburgi and very recent murder of gouri lankesh and special CBI judge B. H. Loya raises worrying question about the growing intolerance of independent voices. Gouri lankesh murder put notes on the right wing forces. D. N. Jeevaraj ( BJP MLA) insinuated that she might have been killed for her statement against the Hindu right wing. The murder of Justice Loya is also related to the Sangha Parivar. Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausar Bi were murdered in 2005. In this case, some police officers and BJP chief Amit Shah were the accused of the pre planned murder. B.H. Loya who was the CBI judge died in Nagpur on Dec 1, 2014, after that his sister alleged that he was offered 100 crore to to rule in favor of Amit Shah. Later Shah was discharged weeks later by judges succeeding Loya.

In recent time mob lynching has touched it’s high feet. In the name of gaurakshyak (gautankwad) Hindu right wings forces killed many innocent. It has found that of the 63 attacks reported during these years, half of the cases were reported from BJP ruled states and 86 percent of vinctims are Muslims. Attacked on Junaid Khan, Ainul Ansari, traders of Malegaon, Maharashtra, Una case were four Dalit youth beaten up by caste hindu. Two instances, in Rajasthan and Odisha, showed that even government functionaries’ could not escape from wrath of gau rakhsyak. The Southern Railway initiative to earn revenues worth 2.65 crore by transporting cow was spoilt by the cow vigilant in Bhubaneswar. Not only the gau rakshyak propogate the Hindu nation concept and weaken the judiciary but the organizations are also active in spreading the violence. Recently, on the eve of makarshankranti people being provided with salwar for the sake to protect Hindu culture and to stop conversion. The frequency of such incident and state’s silence over them have made it impossible to view them as isolated and spontaneous instances of mob violence.

The absence of any punishment to the murderers seems to have emboldened others to lynch witb impunity. The barbarous nature of the attacks’ is becoming intense with every passing day and the assaulters were no longer to required to justify their actions. Directly or indirectly we are entering to the Hindu Rashtra where secularism and freedom of expression of thought will be hanged before the public. The last year Hindu conclave making 2023 as the year to proclaim the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra and Modi’s own repeated reference to 2022 as the year to create a new India are not accidental and must be seen in conjunction. The year 2022 is very much important for the Sangha Parivar. As Savarkar’s Hindutva-Hindu Rashtra would be marked it 100 anniversary. The democracy and judiciary will be the doll in hand of Sangha and its allies.

Author – Abhayveer Boudh

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