Modi’s ‘Ease of Living’ is Actually ‘Ease of Dying’


In a well-rehearsed interview to Times Now, Modi made many claims to the people of India. And he even boasted that he brought the inflation down and also Indian businesses on the track. And one of the remarkable false claims that he made is that he making the life of the Indians easy.

Is the ease of living in India evident after Modi’s 3 and 1/2 years of rule that destroyed the communal fabric of the country and created a harmful rift in the Indian society? The answer is emphatic no. The RSS/BJP regime comes up with the promise of economic developments as a solution on everything. In other words, they play on the greed of the people claiming that they will develop the economy of India and that will be the solution to all the ills of India.

Indian economy is spiraling down with each passing day. Indian does not have the middle class that it boasted to the investors. Indian middle caste has disappeared in the complex jungle of caste. How can a country that stops its majority of the citizens from participating in the economic activities become the rich nation? It is economically very inefficient country. The claims made by Modi on the economic development cannot stand the test of real indicators.

On the level of rioting and atrocities, the lives of millions of people in this country have become dis-eased because of the communal virus that is so much spread by the RSS/BJP machinery under the leadership of great Modi. one can cite many examples of Modi’s social calamities and they will number in hundreds. One just has to ask Muslims, women, Dalits, and OBCs to know what is happening in this country. They will tell how miserable their lives have become under Modi’s regime.

Modi is the master in twisting the reality, even distorting to the extent that they look new created realities. Modi’s rhetoric on ease of living in India is sham and bogus.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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