Modi and His Empire of Lies!


When the last year, Xi Jinping, was invited to WEF at Davos, he created a paradigm shift in the perception of China in the world community. The focus looked like shifted from America under Trump to China under Xi Jinping. This year, Modi, India’s PM had an opportunity to address the WEF- the forum of economically rich. And Modi fudged it up with his lies.

First of all, the use of Hindi as a language to address the international communities is shameless. In an audience that is comfortable with English, Modi addressing the economic elites in Hindi is something that must be understood. Unlike China, India has been known for a long time a nation comfortable in using the international language of communication, that is, English. It is not the forum to address India’s nationalism which tends towards Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan. It was the forum to showcase India’s achievements in the economic terrain.

What would Modi showcase as India’s achievements?

Modi did not tell any initiatives in India that will indicate the progress towards robust economic development. As is well-known economy develops only due to its non-economic factors and in this case, the development precedes from the equality that is the precondition for the development of any economy. Education is another area where Modi’s regime is taking India towards the dark ages of superstitions and ill beliefs. The law and order situation in the country is as important as the economic policies. But in case of India, under Modi, the Brahminical Hindutva terrorists are destroying the communal harmony and the respect for Individuals.

And that 6 billion Indians voted for him is a blunder that cannot be corrected. And why on the earth, this man should mention his electoral mandate to the world community? From all the circumstantial evidence, it is clear that he was not trying to impress the world forum, but he was addressing the domestic audiences for the next elections. We keep this analysis to that.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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