Twitter Silencing Ambedkarite Voices, #BringDardediscourseBack


I have been locked off Twitter since Jan 14. Twitter is asking for my phone number to verify to make sure am not a bot. (Lol, yeah! I know how that sounds like) But, I don’t wanna trust a white / savarna led website with my personal information. They will give this info to a law and order institutions if there’s any legal case according to Twitter policy. And, butthurt ghoberflakes have all the capital to file cases.  I suspect my account has been mass reported. Over 7 months,  Ambedkarites have reported innumerable accounts making quota jokes, morphing Dr. Ambedkar’s photo into caste hatred memes, frequent use of caste slurs. But, twitter took no action against anyone of them. They were not locked out, or temporarily suspended for suspicious activity. Twitter enables blatant violations of SC-ST atrocities act.

Free speech liberals would rather ally with a white actress locked out of Twitter than a demographic (i.e Dalit female) rarely found on their panels and newsrooms. Saree bindi feminists and urban poor sidekicks only think of hashtags #womenboycottTwitter depending on whose freedom of expression is being threatened. Mine, of course, matters less than sharing cat pics. Had it been a savarna activist or media person. First of all, they are chattoo people..and chattoo people don’t get locked out. Second, their proximity to Twitter India employees ( most of them ex-journos from Delhi circle twerk). It will be a week of Sundays when twitter terms of violation include caste next to clause of “gender race and religion”. But, this is the second lockout of my handle in a row and I can’t overlook anymore. Twitter needs to get its act together. Because it profits off our digital labour while its algorithms kill dissent. All my tweets r on my Timeline. Judge for yourself who’s more worthy of restricted account penalty me or comics (@kitanurag) who cracked jokes on Vemula and still keeps that blue tick.

Tag #BringDardediscourseBack @twittersupport in mass numbers to unlock my account.

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