The Ghost of Caste and Vedas


We have been told oftentimes that the Vedas are the fountainhead of knowledge. If one probes what is it that makes it a fountainhead of knowledge, the answer thrown to the questioners is that it has the science. If we probe further, no pieces of evidence are given about the content of the Vedas. Mostly, the modern science and modern findings are interpreted from the Vedas. Such is the case with the tomfoolery of the minister in the Rajasthan government that he is claiming that the gravity was discovered by Brahmagupta (I, II, III,….). It is interesting to see that everything is attributed to this Brahmagupta and his many avatars.

The archaeological discoveries have already attributed the discovery of the concept of Zero to the Buddhists. They have found the earliest manuscript in the Buddhist monastery that the zero was used mathematically by the Buddhists, and philosophically Shunya has been the central concept in Buddhism.

Now coming to the claims made by the modern Brahmins about the science in the Vedas, it is the outright lies spread by the orthodox Brahminical Hindus to claim that they have the grand tradition of science. Well, nothing in the Vedas is in according to the science. The learned people have called it the foolish babble of the drunken people. The law of gravity was discovered by Newton through the scientific process which had the base of observation at its core. Brache observed the sky for many years and mapped the sky for year after year and produced almanacks after almanacks. These records have been used by the Keplar to device three laws which are the foundation of the astrophysics. The study of the orbits led Newton to think of the force that we know now as the gravity.

Science is a method and it is a practice based on experiments and pieces of evidence. It actually says that the truth is the mainstay of science which is accordance with the dictum of Indian nationhood: Satyameva Jayate (Only the truth Wins) drawn from the Buddhist inspired Upnishad (Mundak Upnishad). The minister is not wrong as the learned Prime Minister of India is also making foolish claims like Indians (read Vaidic Brahmins) discovered the plastic surgery, when they transplanted the head of the elephant on the baby. If the PM shows such a knowledge of science then the ministers in the state must follow the suit. But this is at the cost of development of the country. Science is a public intellectual activity and it cannot be attributed to the group of people or ethnicity. But the upper castes in India always try to claim what does not belong to them. They claim the mastery over the majority of the Indians in the name of religion.

It is time to throw all the falsified claims of the orthodox Brahminical Hindutva brigade, who are out to ride over the differences of caste in the Indian society to further their power through malicious propaganda.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    ranjan kumar

    brahmins didnt invent anything.and today not a single scientific device or modern product which is made in india and is dominating the world market.modi and his brigade would like majority of indians to be illiterate or half educated or outright fools. almost each and everything we use in our daily lives has been adopted . lets start with the shirt and pants.over whose eyes the modi bhakt are trying to pull the wool,anyway ? let the rss throw away their half pants and start wearing dhotis if they really mean what they say

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