Dr. Ambedkar took the vow for us, what was it? 


“At present, I am the most hated man in Hindu India. I am presented as a traitor; I am denounced as an enemy of the Hindus, I am cursed as a destroyer of Hinduism, and branded as the greatest enemy of the country. But believe me when I say that when after some days the dust settles down and a review of the proceedings of the Round Table Conference is dispassionately taken by future historians, the future generations of the Hindus will acclaim my services to the nation. If they do not recognize, well I would not care for their disapprobation. My great satisfaction is that the Depressed Classes have implicit faith in my work and undivided devotion to the mission for, which I stand. It is my solemn vow to die in the service and cause of those downtrodden people among whom I was born, I was brought up and I am living. I would not budge an inch from my righteous cause, or care for the violent and disparaging criticism by my detractors”.

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