Yes, Dr. Ambedkar’s Words Are ‘Pathar ki Lakeer’. If Only Communists Have a Brain To Understand Those


Dr. Ambedkar didn’t even say that his words are ‘pathar ki lakeer’, he can’t say that as he was the follower of Buddha who said change my teachings according to the time. But Mr. MLA saheb needs to understand neither Dr. Ambedkar was a puppet in the hands of Communists.

Mr. MLA saheb said Dr Ambedkar’s words are not ‘pathar ki lakeer’. Can agree but can MLA saheb tell us why Dr. Ambedkar is the most referenced person in India? Even communists to RSS need him to justify their wrongdoings. Such as #Demonetisation was projected Dr. Ambedkar’s idea despite he had said nothing about that.

Everything he wrote or said is still relevant and holds the key to the answers to the most pressing questions of our time, be it the rights of minority communities to the annihilation of caste or how states should be carved out (in Thoughts on Linguistic States, 1955, he had suggested division of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh etc for the better development of states. After almost 45years both states were divided and Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand were formed in the year 2000).

No wonder there was/is no one like him and there will be no one like him and he is one of the most referenced people in India. He warned about the threat of Hindu Rashtra almost 100 years ago.

From ‘Right to Information’ to ‘Right to Education’ were added to the constitution by Dr. Ambedkar no matter Congress took credit of naming so and trying to fool innocent with colourful names.

Dr. Ambedkar’s prediction that without social democracy, political democracy will fail in India is coming true.

I can mention many other such points but why should anyone waste time on communists?

So, yes, his words are more than ‘pathar ki lakeer’ but if only communists have a brain to understand him.

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    Kaniskha Bauddha

    Jai Bheem!
    I am pretty sure “MLA Saheb” had no intentions to denigrate Babasaheb in the slightest. His intentions seem good to me.

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