Why Should Kejriwal Appointing 2 Guptas in Rajya Sabha be Treated as a Treason by Dalits?


In the middle of a political turmoil throughout India due to movement of social justice, the media did not pay or highlight any concerns over AAP’s appointing two Guptas as the Rajya Sabha members. Kejriwal is a strange character who started his career with opposing the reservation policy in India: the policy that seeks to redress hundreds of years of injustice and create a nation that each citizen will be able to call its own. The beginning of Kejriwal’s career with this theme and then creating much hype and hoopla over the corruption in India with a strong RSS-backed media campaign led to found the AAP party.

India against corruption was the name of the campaign in which latest entrants into middle class in India were recruited. After winning the political power in Delhi, Kejriwal not only forgot the corruption campaign but also started playing caste cards. In Delhi, he succeeded in getting votes of the Dalits, as the BSP left a big vacuum in Delhi. Delhi has a significant population of Dalits, but also it is dominated by the upper castes.

AAP is not having an ideology: anti-corruption is not an ideology, though it moves citizens to act and politicise, like many other campaigns, this campaign is also hijacked by the upper castes in India and they completely bury the real corruption in India” the caste corruption. There is a huge social, cultural, and religious corruption in India. There is no check on it and no one is talking about it. Indian politics is based on superficial issues which are fed to Indian citizens dominated by the Brahmin-Bania axis, and whenever the real issues are raised, the Brahmin-Bania dominated media will call it a bluff. This is what is happening and hence AAP’s overt Banianism is not highlighted anywhere in India.

The Dalits, as Babasaheb Ambedkar, must have their own abode. It can be the hut, but their own abode. There is no point in working for others in their mansions. That is why self-respect and dignity is the most important element in the entire social movement.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    Hitesh shakya

    BSP is now nowhere, Bahujans should develop new party politics.otherwise AAP and other parties will get Bahujan votes and make policies against Bahujans

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