Kautilya on GST and Manu as the Founder of Globalisation – Mockery of Economics and Politics


In the state of UP, the topics mentioned were asked as questions at the post-grad level examination in political science. Since the BJP/RSS Government came into power in UP, the blatant saffronisation of education is taking place. This time the stupidity started entering into post-graduation level. On the surface of it through the orthodox fundamentalist Hindus maybe rejoicing with linking of GST with Kautilya and Globalisation with Manu, beneath the surface lies the defeat of India by the hands of Hindutva fundamentalists.

Manu Kautilya

Image – MA Political Science paper in BHU

It should be so obvious to the people that economy is the modern concept born out of the idea of the market which involved marketisation of the land, people (read labour), and other commodities. The taxation as the sharing of products with the king is an old concept, but the GST is altogether a different concept that Kautilya can even think over. But the Hindutva fundamentalists who claim that Vedic Brahminism is a source of everything have no shame. Let us leave this stupidity where it belongs, that is in the regressive camp of Brahminical Hindutva. Coming to Manu, perhaps one of the meanest of the creatures ever lived, if he ever lived. The origin of Manu as a person is obscure as the single author of Manu is difficult to discern. Some of the sources claim that Sumati Bhargav is the author of this text. Whoever is the author if Manu Smriti, it is clear that it did not want anything to with globalisation.

Manu Smriti is the post-Buddhist development that seeks to codify the caste system with the strong support of penal codes. The Manu Smriti is the penal code to preserve the caste system. How can some philosophy that seeks to divide people into the caste order be a global philosophy? It cannot be. If the heart of the Manu Smriti is to keep the caste order alive, and if it seeks globalisation, it seeks the globalisation of the caste order. This is a plain logic which one can arrive at if we really want to link Manu with globalisation.

If this logic is accepted, Manu becomes the father of Nazism and fascism that sought to bring the Global caste system. Hence there is no doubt that the founders of RSS took their inspiration from Hitler and Mussolini. It is time to stop this nonsense as it is anti-India to claim such things like Kautilya’s connection with the GST and Manu’s with Globalisation. It hits at the foundation of democracy in India which advocates the scientific spirit for the progress of humanity. This intrusion of Kautilya and Manu in the realm of knowledge can be beneficial for the Brahminical Hindutva, but for the larger nation, it is looking at the dark past of India that gives no hope to millions.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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