I Am Not A Witch – Documentary Film by Somnath Waghmare


About film – ‘ I am not a Witch ‘ is the story of one landless-homeless old Tribal women from Nandurbar District Maharashtra, India.how women in Nandurbar are accused of being a witch and stormed out of their own home & village. A story of real life victim Kamalabai Pavara gives us real facts . and it also concludes interview of this district journalist, Student, Social Activist & District Superintendent of Police.

Director – Somnath Waghmare

Camera & Editing – Rohan Awaghade

Recently Economist magazine also published the article, Witches are still hunted in India—and blinded and beaten and killed and most at risk are those who are low-caste or own land that others covet. Indian police records suggest that on average more than 150 women being fingered as a dayan (witch). They are burned, hacked or bludgeoned to death, typically by mobs made up of their neighbours and, sometimes, their own relatives. Ritual humiliation often precedes death. A suspected witch may expect to be stripped naked, smeared with filth, dragged by her hair and forced to eat excrement.

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