Why Can Parliament Sessions Not Be Sacrificed for Assembly Elections


BJP/RSS is murdering the democracy with each and every action of theirs. Now, RSS/BJP knows that opposition would question it for the failures on SGT and other issues concerning masses so BJP/RSS is sacrificing parliament session and shying away from the responsibilities.

The constitution makes it mandatory for the parliament to meet three times in a year and there is an always a scope of a special session. The parliament sessions cannot be treated lightly in the democracy as in these sessions alone the issues are debated and discussed. The debates and discussions are the heart of democracy. IT brings in different perspectives on the bills.

The RSS/BJP Government is reluctant to go for the winter session and if it is willing it seems to be only interested in having it just for a week. The reasons that are being told are very tragic and it is an attack on the parliamentary system of the governance. The main reason cited is: the MPs will be busy in the elections.

The MPs have a responsibility to the people and they exercise that responsibility through the parliament. The RSS/BJP Government is scared that the sessions will expose it to attack from the opposition parties. It very wary of the criticism as despite the opinions manufactured by media, the RSS/BJP Government has lost sheen and shine. The Gujarat elections won’t be easy for the RSS/BJP and losing will set in motion a domino effect. The things will begin to fall in the electoral terms.

That is why the RSS/BJP wants to concentrate on Gujarat elections. It makes or mar situation. There are already heated debates about development in Gujarat and also rising caste movements have become politically aligned against the BJP/RSS.

If the RSS/BJP treats the parliamentary session lightly by the fear of elections, it is the murder of democracy. It started with posting the RSS volunteers in the various departments and with all the MPs and now the RSS/BJP Government wants to play with the parliament itself.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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