Why Do Brahmins Hate Emperor Ashoka?


In the history of the world, emperor Ashoka is one of the important figures. The Brahmins hated him so much that his name was erased from the history of India. His name was untouchable for the people of India for a long time. Only when the British archaeologists discovered, the glorious history of Buddhism in India and eventually Ashoka, he was exhumed from the debris of Brahminical onslaught on Buddhist India. The Brahmins never leave any opportunity to malign this great man, whom Charles Allen, in his biography of Asok, called him the founding father of India.

In the literary fest, Tewari of RSS said that Ashoka was not great and his grandfather, Chandragupta Maurya, was great because he was counselled by Chanakya. Now history has it that the name Chanakya is appended to many figures in India, thus creating doubts over the historicity of his existence. Chandragupta Maurya was great, not because, he was the son of a slave, but he really unified a larger mass under his patronage, and eventually become a Jain. The fundamental question remains if he was so influenced by Brahmin Kautilya, why did he choose to become Jain?

Let the Brahmins answer that question. But the way they are maligning the greatest emperor in the history of the world, Ashoka, it must be something that he might have done to irritate Brahmins so much. Ashoka did not slaughter Hindus in the Kalinga war because that time Hindhuism did not exist. The Brahminism was not consolidated. That was the time when the Das and Kammakars (the working classes) were at ascendency. But the Brahmins were out to fool people. Ashoka stopped the Brahmins from performing Yagya and Yagas. According to Babasaheb Ambedkar, the post-Ashokan period saw the steady decline in the power of the Brahmins and the rule of Bahujans was established. Ashoka, however, did not kill the Brahmins, he also gave them grants like he. did to other religions.

But the Brahmins who lost their sway took the revenge by killing the grandson of Ashoka, Brihadrath, and the man who killed him was Pushyamitra Shunga, who beheaded peace-loving monks. What Ashoka did was extraordinary, he won the hearts of people by diplomacy and through the Dhamma. He truly established Buddha Sasana in the world. The Buddhist today owes so much to Ashoka for what he did for Buddhism.

Ashoka is important for the contemporary India for his four lions proclaim the fearless truth through India’s royal emblem. Maligning Ashoka tantamount to maligning the legacy of India’s glorious history, but the Brahmins were never concerned about India as a country, their policy even today divides the people on the basis of caste.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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