Mysterious Death of Justice Loya and Why Common Man Should be Afraid


India is founded on rule of law and no one including the most powerful and the richest are above the law. Our relationship with each other is bounded not because we belong to a certain religion, region, or linguistic group, but because we agreed to follow the constitution that makes everyone equal. If the judges die mysterious deaths shrouded in the labyrinth of suspicious circumstances, then it is fearful for a common man in India.

The causes of his death must be examined as they are suspicious. He was to give decision over the case where the main accused was Amit Shah. He was offered 100 crores by the very judge who was above him in the hierarchy as claimed by Justice Loya’s family. But the justice didn’t budge and was committed to justice.

How many deaths are we going to witness to serve the interest of a mighty few?

In case you don’t know the backstory. Justice Loya was hearing arguments on the charge in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case in which BJP president Amit Shah was an accused. As per the family, he was offered 100crores to deliver judgement in favour of Amit Shah. He declined that offer and later was killed as per the family members of Loya family.

Within a month after that, Amit Shah was a free man! Clean as washed with Tide detergent. He was released on 30th December 2014, the same day Dhoni retired from the test cricket so there can be a high possibility that everything was planned that some news about cricket dominates and Amit Shah walks out without much noise.

If there is any truth in the allegations made by the family members of Justice Loya, it is a dangerous trend that we are seeing in India and should be a concern for everyone who believes in justice. It is another matter of concern that even after the report from the family members not many media outlets are ready to publish or write about the issue. Seems like everyone is in the media afraid or is silent as money speaks, which is another dangerous development.

If a judge can be silenced in the way that pleases interests of certain people, it is not a sign that democracy is still alive in India. A few months ago, Dalit judge Karnan was also silenced by Brahminical system as he was raising voice against the system. There should be an independent investigation into this matter and truth must come out and culprits must be punished severely.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale and Velivada Team

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