Why Should Indians Oppose the 50% Cap on Reservation


India is ruled by the minority of the castes that dominate major as well as minor public institutions. For social justice to become reality the historical wrongs must be corrected. The history has favoured a few class/castes of people in India through the religious machinations. The social justice is about undoing the privileges that certain group of people enjoy become of the historical advantage they had with respect to others.

So, the merit concept must go out of the window as there is abundant merit scattered over all the communities and the so-called merit is not the privilege of a certain caste of people. The 85 percent OBCs and SCs must rise up to challenge the draconian cap on the reservation in India. The courts are again and again raising the issue of merit and applying the brake to the true representation of the people at large.

The cap of 50 percent must go. There has to be a discussion on this important national issue. By invoking the concept of merit, the courts have been claiming that the SCs , STs, and OBCs are non-meritorious. Merit is always a process and if we had not created people capable of running the government from all the sections, the failure must be the responsibility of those who ruled the country for so many decades.

Time has come that 50% cap on the reservation must be lifted and opportunities are given according to the percentage of the population of certain groups. For this, the government must release the caste census first so that everyone should know who is eating whose’s share!

Brahmins who are less than 5% of the total population of India occupy most of the places all over India and deny the opportunities to other caste groups. Those who believe in equality must come forward and oppose the 50% cap on the reservation because of it undeserving so-called upper castes are being filled in 50% even though they don’t deserve to be selected! It is simple mathematics, so-called upper castes are around 15% and 50% seats are reserved for them hence so many undeserving so-called upper castes are grabbing those seats.

So-called upper castes are enjoying the benefits of reservation and we demand that the 50% cap on reservation be lifted and seats be given to different communities according to their population.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale and Velivada Team

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