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Dear Mr Sampath, CEC of India,

Since past few years and especially after the Uttar Pradesh assembly election results, numerous cases of misuse of EVMs to benefit BJP, have come to fore. Many such cases of misuse of EVMs have been found in states like Maharashtra, MP, Gujarat, etc. In every case of so-called “faulty” EVMs, the beneficiary of the “fault” seems to be just one party and that is BJP. Is this just a coincidence or it is well-orchestrated design introduced in EVMs to benefit one party? With these EVM scams, the trust that Indian citizens had in the abilities of ECI to conduct free and fair elections in India, has been eroded very fast.

People now have started believing that all the EVMs are now tampered to ensure the victory of BJP. This loss of trust in the Election process and thus on Election Commission of India, an independent constitutional institution, rings a death knell of Indian democracy. It tantamount to murder of the democratic constitutional institutions and democratic process of choosing the governments through free and fair Elections.

The Architects of Indian Constitution had very rightly given every Indian citizen, a right to vote based on a principle of one man, one vote, one value. That is one of the most valuable rights provided by the Constitution. However, through these EVM scams, this very basic right of Indian citizens, to choose the government of their choice through their votes, is being robbed away.

You as ECE are the custodian of the trust of Indians in the process of electioneering in specific and on democracy in general. As responsible citizens of India, it is our earnest appeal to you to stop the use of EVMs and conduct elections through paper ballots. That is the only way to recover the lost trust of Indians on the election process and Election Commission of India. Until this is done many people will not vote in the elections, knowing fully well that their votes will go only to the account of BJP.

Expecting corrective measures from ECI, to restore citizen’s faith in democracy and elections, by scrapping of EVMs and bringing back ballot papers.

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