Cow Urine Bank – A Healthy Dose for Indians in BJP/RSS’s Style


The cow is not just an animal around which the politics of RSS/BJP revolves, but also it is turning out to be an important animal for the RSS/BJP to solve India’s medical and agricultural problems. The lives of cows are important than the human lives, just two days back, one Muslim was lynched in Rajasthan on the suspicion that he was transporting cow for slaughter. It came out that he was buying a cow for milk. It is a strange world that RSS/BJP wants people in India to believe.

Gadkari, the minister of surface transport, recently floated the idea of helping Ramdeo (Yes, you read rightly, the Yoga teacher-turned-politician-turned businessman) to buy 10000 cows and start “cow” sheds to urinate (not milk) them so that Cow Urine Bank will be set in all the districts of the state of Maharashtra.

The proposed shelter will be developed at Wardha, where Gandhi experimented with cow’s different produces. Gadkari also facilitated setting up of the centre for research for cow products in Nagpur. In the mythical, brahminical Vedic scriptures, there is a mention of the tree called “kalpataru”: the tree that gives everything and then there is “kalpadhanu”: the animal that gives everything.

For the Vedic Brahmins, the cow was the important source of everything when they travelled as nomads. Just like for the great Khans of Mongolia, the horse was the animal that gave them everything when they fought battles: meat, carriage, and ultimate war machine! The nomadic Brahmins not only used wars as the means of destroying the existing civilisation of India but also used myths/religion to enslave the people of India. It turns out that the “cow” is an important animal, Kalpdhenu, that gives them political power through religious route.

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The purpose of Cow Urine Bank is to harvest Urea in the urine of the cows and that will be used for the fertilisers and the rest of the urine will go for medicinal usage, as openly claimed by Gadkari that it is an important medicine on so many diseases.

The Indians banks are already in great danger due to mounting public debt, but money can just be produced by the back out of nothing. They just have to write the numbers and make the future generations liable to pay it. But the “Urine Bank” cannot have urine derived from nothing and it will need millions of cows and with the millions, cows will come millions of jobs and with millions of jobs will come to a great economic revival of this country. It appears that the future generations of Indians will have the real “cow economy”.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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