500 Years of Reformation and 1000s of Years of Brahminical Oppression


The world celebrated 500 years of reformation a few days ago. One of the main driving forces behind the reformation of the church was Martin Luther’s idea of making the Bible available to people in the language that they understand, so he translated the Bible into German from Hebrew and ancient Greek.

His argument was simple that let the Bible be made available to common people and they will decide what is right and wrong. He was upset with the practices of selling indulgences in the Catholic Church promising a seat in heaven for money! So, on the 31st Oct 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, leading to discussions and hence split from the Catholic Church. He challenged the powerful church system of his time and faced threats to his life, but he didn’t shake from his stand that selling indulgences, making money by fooling people in the name of God, is wrong. The Church of his time didn’t agree with him hence ultimately the Protestant Church was born.

Coming back to India, Hinduism (Brahminism) is claimed to be one of the oldest religions in the world. Most of the Brahminical scriptures are written in Sanskrit which most of the Indians don’t understand. There have not been many attempts to translate those into the languages which can be understood by large numbers of people.

I wonder why there have not been such attempts that the Vedas and Puranas, which Brahmins claim have all the knowledge that the world needs to live morally and peacefully, are not translated into local languages to make those beneficial for everyone?

Maybe very few Brahminical texts are available in English and most of them have been translated by foreign authors, not by ‘meritorious’ Brahmins! Why most of the Brahminical texts have been kept in Sanskrit, a language which maybe 99.99% of Indian people don’t/can’t understand. What are Brahmins trying to hide? What they are afraid of if these Vedas and Scriptures are made available in the languages that most people understand?

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Is it because making them available in the languages which people understand could smash their hegemony and expose their Brahminical propaganda? Is it because Veda and Brahminical Scriptures are full of hatred toward Bahujans and women communities? Or is it because Brahmins fear that making them available to common people will expose their hypocrisy and they won’t be able to make people fool after that?

If common people can’t understand the scriptures then it is much easier for the oppressor to fool people with whatever interpretation that suits their motives. For thousands of years, Brahmins have looted the innocent by interpreting Brahminical scriptures for their benefits.

As Brahmins claim Hinduism (Brahminism) is thousands and thousands of years old, what has stopped them from translating those Brahminical texts? Couldn’t Brahmins produce a single Martin Luther in thousands and thousands of years who could challenge the Brahmanical system of exploitation? [Read also – Why Brahmins haven’t produced Voltaire – Answered by Dr Ambedkar ]

Brahmins’ temples are money-making businesses. In the name of various Gods, Brahmins have fooled the whole nation for thousands of year.

The first step to address the problem is to acknowledge it. Martin Luther accepted the problem and changed the Church forever and beyond imagination. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar concluded that Hinduism (Brahminism) can’t be reformed so it is futile to ask Brahmins to reform their religion.

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  1. 1

    good article
    My request to Velivada is to publish translated version of atleast important portions from the Vedas and Puranas, so that Bahujan can understand how it is bad and degrating them.

  2. 2
    ranjan kumar

    very interesting article, on the contrary in India Raja Ram Mohan Roy is not even remembered. in fact ‘the pandora’s box’ needs to be opened,having said that perhaps it will be better to call it ‘a can of worms’ after John wycliffe translated the Bible to english, ‘freedom of conscience’ came into being and one was free to interpret the scriptures according to his/her conscience then followed the ‘bill of rights’ and of course the separation of the Church and the State(religion separated from the civil government).
    with the Hindutva wave I wonder whats in store for India and its majority Bahujan.the mojority of indians

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