Are These Attempts to Kill Bhim Army Chief, Chandrashekar Azad, in Jail?


A few months ago Chandrashekar Azad, Bhim Army Chief was attacked in the jail was injured. According to the reports, Bhim Army chief and founder Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan has been attacked in the jail along with another leader, Kamal Walia from Bhim Army. Kamal Walia is Bhim Army’s district unit president.

Now he was admitted to hospital for a stomach problem and there are speculations that someone tried to poison Chandrashekar Azad. Chandrashekar Azad was in intensive care unit (ICU) at the district hospital in Lucknow after he complained of to acute pain in his lower abdomen. People close to Chandrashekar Azad are angry for carelessness on the part of the government as well as jail administration.

Bhim ArmySays Aariz Mohammed, have we ever heard this sort of complaint from any of the RSS affiliated accused arrested/detained. Why “Our” people only forced to face these challenges. The Jail Manual, the prison rights were safe in book form and there is no value to ‘Human Life”, one detained Prof of JNU in prison is feared to meet the death in advance as winter is approaching.

“It is extremely sad. Bhim Army actually was/is a threat to Brahmin-India as it answered them in the same way Brahmin did, crushing such movements are on the top of Brahmin’s priority list. After the rally on Jantar Mantar, this person really showed the potential. But, for the kind of step, which was necessary, taken by Azad our larger society isn’t ready. It’s difficult for them to hold the momentum. They go back to their routine life which itself is full of stakes. Brahmin knows it well. It is pitiful and disturbing to see him in this warrior in this situation. These are indicators of movement’s situation. Brahmins have planned a, b, c, d and so on till the enemy or stake is finished. Being it is his system so he is good in holding patience and use the vulnerability of Bahujans to destroy people and movements. Whatever it is… it’s disturbing picture,” writes Gurinder Azad, Human Rights Activist

“It is highly disturbing to see the photographs appearing in social media on the health of Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar. A dynamic young person has wrongly been put in confinement by the manipulators. It also reflects the prevailing conditions in our jails,” says Vidya Bhushan Rawat

It is not the first time that in BJP ruled states innocent people have been put in the jails and the fake encounters have been carried out on government’s directions.

It seems like BJP/RSS government’s plan is to kill Bhim Army Chief, Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan and others in the jail and suppress Dalits and minority communities.

No one is safe unless the exploiters are not brought to justice.

We demand a proper inquiry and those involved in the attack on Bhim Army Chief and jail administration’s negligence be punished.

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  1. 1

    Your apprehension seems to be logical but why can`t you find any better picture of Baba Saheb in your article? This picture is generally used by casteists manuvadis.

  2. 3
    Haridas Mandal

    King dies long live the king..take a hue. The UC mere 19% is ruling the rest. Dalit despite having more in numbers are fragmented. No point blaming Brahmins. Blame your own people who still vote for UC guy.
    Secondly it is Jadavs in OBCs and Jatavs in BC are the stumbling block for a possible unity among BC/OBCs. Take a pledge not to vote for an UC candidate in any election from Panchayats to Parliament. That’s the first step. Then to vote for best BC/OBC candidate in any constituency or ward independent of his her party affiliation so that BC/ OBC votes are not divided. Once we achieve that each winning candidate will then be a BC/OBC candidate. And once that is achieved days would not be far when there would be BC/OBC elected representatives in all constituencies, segments, wards. This is doable. First stop all religious rituals which requires calling a ponga pujari. Do it yourself. Start it from your own house.

  3. 4

    Who from the Dalits is going to take Azad’s place? If no one turns up, this movement will stop. A huge need for strong leaders to be developed in the second rung in ALL dalit organisations – who can replace the top level leadership as and when the government clamps down.

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