Upcoming Documentary ‘Caste Aside’ – The Fight to Legislate Caste in the UK


The caste system has been a source of much debate in South Asia. But what happens when British Indians say caste discrimination has followed them overseas?

Caste Aside is a documentary about the British government’s controversial decision to introduce legislation against caste discrimination in the UK. Highlighting both sides of this heated debate, the documentary speaks to Dalit rights activists, Hindu community leaders, academics and lawyers, as well as those who say they have been discriminated against on the basis of their caste – here in Britain.

While some members of the British Indian community believe that making caste an aspect of the Equality Act 2010 would shine a negative light on the Hindu community and create social tension, others believe that caste legislation is a necessary protection for victims.

The UK government has been torn between these two groups for years, finally resulting in a public consultation to seek the views of the general public on the issue. With the consultation now complete, both sides await a response.

With a big decision on the government’s hands, Caste Aside highlights the bigger picture behind the public consultation and the story behind the UK’s caste problem.

Who will the government ultimately believe?

You can watch the trailer of the documentary from here.

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