List Continues to Haunt Savarna Feminists and More Revelation of Hypocrisy of Savarna Feminists


As the discussion of the Raya Sarkar’s list of sexual predators goes on, we are seeing more hypocrisy of the Savarna feminists. In her recent article by Nivedita Menon, one of the signatories of the ‘statements of feminists’, points out the following,

Hindutva infiltration of the concerted attack on ‘savarna’ feminists

Kavita Krishnan’s older tweet stating that she intends to ‘name and shame’ and has no problems doing so is being widely circulated as evidence of her double standards. But that tweet was about calling out Hindutva trolls, the tweet actually ends with the hashtag # RSS Sanghis! She was talking about refusing to protect the anonymity of Hindutva trolls who have been handing out rape threats and sexist abuses. The avid participation of Hindutva trolls in ‘savarna feminist’ bashing should lead to some rethinking in the supposed feminists leading these attacks.

As I took many of those screenshots of the tweets of Kavita Krishnan and which were later shared by many, I think, I should address this issue.

First, she is thinking only Hindutva trolls brought out these tweets. Which is wrong and even if Hindutva trolls brought those tweets out, does that make points invalid? Now with these statements, Nivedita Menon has shown her hypocrisy also.

Secondly, how come naming and shaming Hindutva trolls is different from naming and shaming sexual harassers? Menon is trying to justify that naming and shaming of Hindutva trolls are fine but not others. Those Hindutva trolls were also “handing out rape threats and sexist abuses” as Menon wrote and so were the people whose names are on the list. Why this hypocrisy again that naming and shaming of one group is fine but naming and shaming of another group is not fine?

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I would have accepted if you had said no one should be named and shamed but I surely have a problem in the selective approach.

Naming and shaming Hindutva trolls is fine and not of Academia sexual abusers don’t make sense, not that I am a fan of those Hindutva trolls or support them but I am a Democrat and believe in equality. If you are talking about “Due Process” then Hindutva trolls also have the same rights as others.

Anyhow, in the last post, I forgot to post another tweet from the Kavita Krishnan, showing at another incident where a man, working at Vodafone, had made some obscene comment on the Facebook post of Kavita and she was asking that he should be sacked. A Twitter user named ‘Sandhya Ramesh’ replies “sorry, while I agree action needs to be taken, I don’t think it was right to have revealed his identity.” To this tweet, Kavita Krishnan replies, “why not? There’s no law against revealing the id of the abuser. Name, shame is d least I can do to 100s like him”. All this again shows the hypocrisy of Savarna feminists.

Kavita Krishnan

I ask again, what changed now when the names of Savarna men are on the list of abusers? Why Nivedita and Kavita both trying so hard to save their abusive Savarna men? It shows clearly the hypocrisy of Savarna feminists.

If you have faced sexual harassment at the hands of your professors or during your career, you can add the names in the Sexual Violence Hall of Shame list

Or alternatively, you can use this form to report sexual abusers.

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    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    Raya Sarkar did a great job by exposing the elite upper caste feminist but I noted the Bahujan feminist din’t give them an inch. Ours is a constant struggle till we get our say in the issues of our concern.

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