Why does Rahul Gandhi Want to Protect RSS/BJP?


India’s backward classes must understand that the Congress party is not their friend. Its rule of many decades had done next to nothing to mitigate the problems facing the backward classes. Rahul Gandhi’s grandfather, Nehru, wrote letters to chief ministers then not to push for the reservation policy.

Rahul Gandhi does not want to destroy RSS/BJP because according to his strange political logic, both the Congress and the BJP are the ideologies of India. These ideologies, both the Congress and the BJP, are anti-backward classes. Rahul Gandhi wants to trumpet these ideological affiliations so that his party remains in the fray.

India’s backward classes do not need the ideology of both the political parties as these ideologies are anti-poor and anti-backward classes. Rahul Gandhi must spell out what is the ideology of the Congress Party and how that is homegrown. He must also explain how this ideology is in accordance with the constitution of India.

The RSS/BJP ideology is against the spirit of the constitution and hence it is anti-national to the core.

So is the ideology of the Congress. They cannot absolve themselves by saying that because they oppose the RSS/BJP, they are pro-backward classes.

Congress has used so-called lower castes for votes only and so have RSS/BJP, how Congress is different for so-called lower castes? No, there is no difference between Congress and RSS/BJP when it comes to so-called lower castes.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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