Politics of Reservation in Temples in Kerala and Temple Reforms


Travancore was a progressive princely state and Maharaja of Travancore was counted among one of the progressive Maharajas during the British Raj. The Travancore Temple Management Board has applied the reservation in the priesthood in the temples under its tutelage. Therefore 6 Dalits will now become the head priests of the temples in Kerala.

As a confirmed atheist, I do not believe in God and temples mean nothing to me, but still, I acknowledge this step. However, more reforms in the temples need to be done in order to stop them from becoming the den of exploitation.

Appointing Dalits as temple priest is a conspiracy to stop them from conversion. Here RSS tried to kill two birds in one shot. By this act the allegations that temples don’t have Dalit priest will stop and at the other hand Dalits will get diverted to temples again. The only reform in the temples should be made is to shut down and turn them into schools/healthcare centres. No reform of any kind will give any positive results to the mankind. Ultimately the temples are the den of mental slavery.

Brahmins know now that Dalits are getting awakened and rejecting temples so all these tricks to keep Dalits in the grip of Brahminism. Who wants to go to temples to worship? Not Dalits.

In his famous Annihilation of Caste, Babasaheb Ambedkar suggested how the Hinduism can be reformed and one of his recommendations was to appoint the priests just like the Government appoints the public servants. Read – Priesthood Should Be Based On Qualification, Not Heredity – Dr Ambedkar

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Also, the rich temples and their boards must be responsible to the Government. The earnings of the temple run into lakhs of crores and this money is frozen forever. Therefore, the Indian economy was aptly described as “temple economy” and it remains so. The temples have become the “exchange” counter for not only “sins” and “redemption”, but for also political contacts and everything that goes into lobbying world.

Besides, the reservation for the Dalits and other backward classes, it is perhaps a time for temples to recruit female priests, particularly in temples where women are banned.

We must stop going to Hindu temples and stop donating there as most of it is used against us only, so no wise person will go and donate there.

Apart from all these, almost every day Dalits are stopped from entering the temples, many Dalits are boycotted, killed just because some so-called upper castes hate them. Let’s take a pledge that we won’t go to Hindu religious places that discriminate and that don’t treat human as a human. Are you ready for it? Pledge and let me know in the comments.

It is a time to “Say No to Hindu Temples”.

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