Hinduism was Born out of the Philosophy of Inequality


Hinduism was born out of a philosophy that stated that God created human beings unequal. This thesis was propounded in the Rig Veda itself. In this process the country and the people who suffered most were the Indian Dalit-Bahujans. Not just in the text called Purusha Sukta that explicitly outlines this philosophy, but throughout Hindu literature, the notion of human inequality as natural and divine was systematically established and propagated. By so doing they fixed the social inequities of their day as if they were eternal and unchangeable.

In all other religions, groups of people have suffered, then in the next generation the tables have turned and the oppressors become the oppressed. Through this process of cyclical social change governments have been overthrown, hegemonies challenged and laws overturned, until through struggle a more equitable society has been built, sometimes at great cost.

The democratic construction of the spiritual realm made such changes possible in these religions. Ideas of reparation and justice as ideals for believers to strive for generated forces to reverse social oppressions and reformulate hierarchies.

If the social pendulum swung too far in one direction, another revolution would come along to correct it, perhaps again inviting correction a generation later. But nowhere in the history of mankind has one group, the upper castes of India, been able to oppress so many, the Dalit-Bahujans or the ‘oppressed majority’, for so long.

[Excerpts from Kancha Ilaiah’s book “Buffalo Nationalism”]

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    Rakesh Yash Roy

    It is not the correct portrayal of most ancient religion, Hinduism. This is gross mis-reprsentation of facts. Reality is that Sanatan Dharma is the first (about 7000 years-old) is the FIRST-EVER social administration and management system on earth. It was designed to provide mass employment to people according to their capability. Intelligentsia was to do vedic knowledge research and propagation (Brahman), Physically strong people with wisdom joined defense and governance (Kshatriyas), Finance experts became businessmen (Vanik or Banyia), the unskilled and illiterate people were employed as manual labor (Kshudra). Indian Society was at the top of civilization then and several other countrymen looked for, traveled to and invaded India. This class – I to class – IV employment system exists even now as A, B,C & D or Payband I to IV posts in govt of India, as time-tested employee-management system of ancient times. The problem has not arisen because of this good system, but has occurred due to DYNASTIC/corrupted MINDSET OF PEOPLE of India, which was not actually meant to be so. Even now Guru/Brahmin’s child becomes Guru/Priest, Farm-holder’s (Kshatriya) child becomes becomes a land-lord, Politicians child becomes a politician, actor’s an actor, a businessman’s a businessman; so on and so forth. Therefore, it is our mentality and corruption to promote dynasty and NOT due to our golden HERITAGE OR SYSTEM at fault.

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      Looks like some Brahmin got hurt by the reality! Your comments are nothing but lies again and you forgot to mention 4th Varna Shudra and Outcastes (untouchables). There was no Hinduism but Brahminism and it is Brahminism which you are labeling as Hinduism. Know the difference first.

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    ranjan kumar

    peasants uniting and uprising in both Russia and China brought about the revolution, and today we see the human index of both are much better than India, where the oppressed are yet to unite, Indian caste apartheid is worst than the South African apartheid. The blacks in the US are far better off than the bahujan/asura masses. the reason India has lagged behind in having these revolutions is because the oppression has got the scriptural sanctity. Unlike in the US the atrocities on blacks didnt enjoy the ecclesiastical previledges.In fact their scriptures talk about equality from cover to cover. the discrimination was social and economical so the mainstream society’s conscience felt the prick. Do the oppressors have conscience

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