Kejriwal Govt Has Performed Badly in Class 10 Results


Kejriwal took oath as CM in Dec 2013 and then resigned within 2 months. He never cared during his first tenor as CM that his Govt is also responsible for Healthcare and Education, which he is publicising these days. Perhaps now Mr. Kejriwal consider Government’s responsibility beyond Lokapal. Anyhow, Kejriwal became CM for his term in Feb 2015 and since then his Government performance can be evaluated.

The 2016 Class 10th and Class 12th result can show his performance of Education Ministry working in Delhi Government. This article focusses on Class 10th result of students studying in Delhi Government run schools.

The results show that during 2016, Class 10th results of Delhi Govt school declined sharply. Further, the results show that pass percentage during 2016 was 89.25% as compared to 95.81% in 2015. This was more than 6% sharp decline within one year. [1]

If we compare the results with other schools in Delhi region, the pass percentage was more than 95% for private schools.  Hence, the Govt run school in Delhi performed badly in comparison to the private schools.

Moreover, the average CGPA of Delhi Govt school declined from 5.78 in 2015 to 5.68 in 2016. This again shows poor performance of the Government schools during 2015-16. [2]

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The Government doesn’t publish average CGPA comparison of Govt school and Private School. This may show a significant gap in the overall performance, as the success criteria is no more limited to passing an examination.

The Kejriwal led Government must do more to improve the quality of education in the Government run schools.

2015 2016
Appeared Pass percentage Average CGPA Appeared Pass percentage Average CGPA
Govt 140086 95.81 5.78 140638 89.25 5.68




Author – S. Kumar

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