Please Do Not Question – A Rat is an Elephant


The recent RBI survey showed that economy is in “pessimistic zone”. The indices are showing downward trends. The leaders of the BJP and now also in the RSS are becoming critical of economic policies of their own making.

Sinha, Shouri, Swami, and Gurumurthy to name the voices that are emerging from the BJP/RSS camp. Of course, the lower castes in India have no basis to trust any voice emerging from these “upper caste” elites, but the game is clearly on “economics has become a new politics” to mislead the common masses.

Let us begin with the Modi’s speeches in Gujarat where he asks the audiences “rhetoric questions” whose answers can only be yes. For example, he asks his audiences: Do you need an airport? No one in the audiences is going to say no.

Then he fires a serious of questions that he learnt in “T-School”. His approach is, therefore, most of a street vendor in dealing with the public. So, the windfall that was expected after Modi made the promises never came for India’s masses. The economy is seeing the unprecedented downward trend only proving that the gravity can become the law of Indian economy as well in the Modi Sarkar!

Amidst all the trends in the economy, the global economy appears to be doing very well. The Oil economy is doing well in terms of prices for the last few years. The benefits of the global developments, it appears that India will not reap.

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The foreign investment is increasing in the sector that is bound to make a splash on economy irrespective of the Government in power, particularly in the technology-driven sector. Interestingly, the Chinese investment is moving into cricket as well as critical sectors like power.

How politics can benefit the family-based economy is also demonstrated by the recent reports in the media. If one has influential political ties, the growth rate of their enterprise can rocket with the speed that will challenge the existing speed of rocket itself. Modi will try to cultivate his image as the “firebrand nationalist” and all the others as “anti-nationalist”, but the way his fangs are getting exposed cannot be missed by the people of India.

The recent RSS/BJP adventure to stop Indian citizens holding any “protest” in Jantar Mantar in New Delhi is not only anti-democratic but also anti-national. The Jantar Mantar is perhaps people’s parliament right at the heart of New Delhi and denying that space to citizens is denying them their most basic right to be and to express.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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