On Mustache and Body Hair – Sick Mentality


The caste system covers entire body as it is the body of Bramha that is the source of caste system. The lower part of the body has to be then inferior and must be equated with the Shudras. Thanks goodness that the untouchables did not come from the body of Bramha and therefore they seem to have no qualms over destroying the body of Brahmanical.

The Brahmaic body is also the body of the male strangely the women’s sexual organ is imposed on it to give birth to different Varnas. And therefore the caste supremacy is always defined in terms of symbols that connote masculinity.

This male-female complex is one of the basis of caste system. Anything feminine is lower in the caste system and anything masculine is higher in the caste system. Therefore, the upper caste (who are male chauvinists by default) will have to castigate any signs of “masculinity” in the lower caste.

Hence the Dalits in Gujarat can’t post the mustache. They cannot be at par with the men from the upper caste. The arrogant dominant caste men across India are so proud to display their hair above and below their lips. The mustache and body hair became the status symbol.

A Swedish model recently modeled for Adidas shoes and her cute leg hair are visible. As it did not conform to the male idea of a woman, the men started abusing her and trolling her. Men want women to be hairless and the Model’s hairs on her legs annoyed the men. Why should women accord with the men’s sense of beauty? The right to grow hair or not grow hair is individual’s choice. It is up to individuals to decide as it is their body and yes their hairs.

But the Brahmanical Hinduism wants everyone to conform to the ideas coming from the top of the hierarchy. They will decide what you should eat, who you should marry, and to the extent whether you should sport a mustache or not. It is a sick mentality that promotes dictatorship of a few.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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    What did those big mustache Rajputs did when the Mughals came and run over Rajputna ?

    They surrendered to Mughals and gave their daughters to the Mughals.
    Does the big mustache give a “Macho” image . To me this whole issue of big mustache does not mean hill of beans . Those who love it , let them have it ,it is no body else business.

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