Prof. Kancha Ilaiah’s Ordeal – A Reflection of Creeping Fascism in India Say Indian Americans


Prof. Kancha Ilaiah’s ordeal a reflection of creeping fascism in India say Indian Americans. Violence and threats against world-renowned Dalit scholar condemned by Indian diaspora

The Alliance for Justice And Accountability (AJA), an umbrella coalition of progressive organizations across the United States, today condemned the life-threatening attacks against the renowned author and Dalit scholar Kancha Ilaiah by members of the Arya Vysyas community. The attack was an attempt on the life of the outspoken political philosopher who has authored several books including “Why I am not a Hindu,” “Buffalo Nationalism Post-Hindu India,” “Untouchable God,” among many others. The violence and ensuing death threats were apparently a response to the release of a chapter from his book on “Post-Hindu India.”

AJA has demanded court ordered 24-hour protection of Professor Kancha Ilaiah, and accountability for those that threatened his life, under the full extent of the law. The role of the police, who failed to even file a First Information Report (FIR), on Prof. Ilaiah’s complaint needs further scrutiny. The life-threatening situation was exacerbated when a Member of Parliament from the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) T.G. Venkatesh addressed a press conference against the author and sought that he be “hanged publicly.” The silence of mainstream Indian media is telling of an atmosphere where expression of any ideas that go against the Hindutva narrative creates security risks.

Instead of expressing remorse for the incident, J. Venkateshwar-President of Andhra Pradesh Arya Varsya Mahasahba (AVP) demanded an apology from Prof. Ilaiah, failing which AVP would protest wherever Prof. Ilaiah went in the state.

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“The police’s bias and refusal to uphold the law in defense of an intellectual bodes ill for the safety and security of common citizens in India and for the future of political dissent,” said Mr. Ahsan Khan, President of Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), an AJA-constituent. “That a sitting member of Parliament called for violence against a renowned scholar is reflective of the extent to which a fascist mindset has taken root amongst sections of the Indian political class,” added Mr. Khan.

In Ilaiah’s complaint, he stated that no FIR was registered in the matter by the police. After the attack, Ilaiah was followed by 200 protestors until he proceeded to Warangal city under a police escort. Ilaiah put himself under house arrest in an effort to safeguard his life.

“An attack against one of the most renowned Dalit scholars, writers and thinkers are outrageous and an affront to freedom of speech. People are not tolerant and open to criticism when information challenges Hindu doctrine,” said Umang Kumar, a member of AJA ad community activist from Boston.

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability has pledged to work with people of all faiths to defend India from the onslaught of hate and divisiveness.


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  1. 1
    ranjan kumar

    can hinduism survive with the caste system bais/prejudice. the professor has stirred the ‘hornet’s nest’ or perhaps even opened the ‘pandora’s box’.I know of many NRI’s oppose anykind of affirmative action, but those very indians demand/benefit from such facilities.the eco socio religious bondage of india & indians which we see has trapped india in a catch 22 situation, and only external help and enlightenment will rescue the nation.good work by AJA the best NRI investment for india, much better investment than our prime minister’s foreign trips

  2. 2
    Dr A K Biswas

    I’m pained to know few days back my priend Prof. Kanch Ilaiah has come under facist attack from a class of people who has been most loyal to the rise, patronage and perpetuation of the Brahmanical culture and domination in India. The whole Indian intelligentsia, who never tire of claiming to be modern and liberal in thoughts, ideas and action are silent which ipso facto collaboration with the facist forces.
    We all must stand by Prof. Ilaiah at this hour of his persecution and incercaration by dark forces so that he is morally upbeat. Those who have taken initiaitve to stand by him in USA deserve our loud appreciation and good wishes.

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