How To Lead The Way For The Success of Ambedkarite Movement


Why do individuals need to work in an organized way for the success of the Ambedkarite movement?

Ambedkarites all over India are not only maturating movement-wise but also in terms of their intellect and capabilities in making difference in the world. The community is seeking an exceptional individual rise in all the spheres and the trend is going to continue and it is not going to ebb. There is also a growing organized response to the problems the community is facing, but it is not enough to generate the “organization” that Babasaheb Ambedkar expected the community to galvanize their efforts into. A strong organization is the only sustainable solution for the problems arising out of division among the ranks of the Ambedkarite movement.

While one can agree with the premise that absolute unity is impossible, but there is no problem in achieving the “relative” unity. In reality, the absolute unity is problematic as the individuals have different dispositions and they cannot be brought in the similar organizational framework because the framework of the organizations is different. By relative unity, one can talk about the “principles-based unity” which can be developed to defend the community or offend the enemies of the community in case of their attack on the community.

Also, the community cannot be developed in the absolute sense because such community will be a frozen and dead community. Relative unity will come if the organizations see their unique but complementary role vis-a-vis other organizations. The membranes for all the organizations in the name of Babasaheb Ambedkar must be permeable and individuals must be open to influences from all the directions which help the organizations to imbibe new thinking and current trends in other organizations.

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Many individuals are increasingly getting disillusioned by the current organizations and this disillusion can be understandable to some extent, but this is not the positive trends. The individuals though can do a lot, but to achieve a task like annihilation of caste, the organizational efforts is not only a must but also an important key. That is the reasons why the likeminded individuals must work with the like-minded organizations. The organizations are never perfect and they are always in making and good individuals with strong commitment can make them nearly perfect by embodying the principles of the Ambedkarite movement. The organizations also offer tool to reach out to the larger constituencies and also wider audiences and more importantly the organizations offer a much-needed sense of confidence and also fearlessness that arises due to collective endeavors.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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    Dr.Laxmi Berwa

    Mangesh, an excellent piece.I wish more and individuals and organization work towards a “Relative Unity” for a major achievements to promote Dr.Ambedkar’s vision.And forget the megalomaniac EGOS.

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