Vedic Education in India – RSS/BJP Wants to Push India Into Dark Age


As the great John Dewey said, golden age lies in the future, not in the past. The India’s upper castes have always been trying to invent that lost age in India: the Golden Vedic period. If we study the Brahminical religious books, it is retarded babble on how the supremacy of the caste order is maintained.

This can be done either by the force of religion or by the force of violence. Sometimes the religion and violence camouflage in the scheme of Brahminical Social Order. So Bhagwat of RSS batting for the Brahmin-ordained syllabus is natural.

The secular education based on the English language exposes a human being to a universal way of thinking through difficult problems is the threat to archaic Brahminism in India.

The Brahmin who try to assert the “Vedic Education” have been studying English since ages and denying the same access to quality and higher education to India’s masses.

You pick up any random name from the modern pantheon of the Brahmins: they are all educated in a western way, Golwalkar including.

How do we understand the strong push for the “Vedic and Puranic education” by the RSS minded Brahmins, if not as a suffocation of India’s majority of the Bahujans? There is no other answer than the quest of the Brahmins to chain the masses in the perpetual ignorance.

Recently in Pune, a so-called scientist of the Brahmin caste filed a complaint in the police station against her “Maratha” domestic help alleging that the domestic help has polluted her home and god.

What do we understand by this? It is clear that the Brahmins have been looking down upon the people from the Bahujan Samaj.

The stupid Brahmin scientist (?) claimed that the God (in this case Ganpati) is a different god than the god of the cook. Brahmin’s is a Ganesh of the heaven and Maratha’s is the Ganesh of the streets and slums. India does not need worship of Ganesh or any god. India needs to worship its citizens and the constitution that makes them human citizens.

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There is a rise of upper caste English speaking “interpreters” of the Brahminical texts reading the universal and modern values in those texts. One of the problems with these interpreters is self-defeating when they invoke the myths and stories in these texts, they make these myths and stories sound funny.

If we really study the modern “Hinduism” it is one long “interpretation” by the English educated upper castes. India’s majority of the Bahujans have not seen those “sacred Brahminical texts” at all.

The education in India must remain universal, scientific, and human and it must promote democracy and the democratic principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Any additional religious teachings must be limited to the domains where the exclusive class can only go.

If the “Vedic Puranic Education” is so important to India’s Brahmins, let all the Brahmins boys and girls be schooled in that instead of English and Secular education.

Let them have access to the highest “spiritual” powers, while the toiling and technical classes (the Bahujan Samaj has been the technical class in the country and hence whatever Indian innovations we see it is because of them because they dealt with the “technology”) will study English and Universal education. This education policy will have one advantage, we can then remove the “reservation” fully, but giving “reservation” to the Brahmins to study their “highest” knowledge.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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