Misguiding Foreigners – Sale Speeches of the BJP, RSS, and Congress to the Foreigners


Making speeches is the profession of politicians. It is the most important tool in their trade. Sometimes the speeches are in response to the speeches delivered by their opponents and sometimes the speeches are issue-based. In the written script delivered by Rahul Gandhi, one can hear the strong rhetoric of “peace” and “harmony”, but no substance.

Gandhi failed to address India’s main enemy to the democracy, that is, India’s caste system. Indian leaders cannot boast of peace and harmony unless the inherent conflict in the Indian society is highlighted. Mohan Gandhi is not the apostle of peace and the idea of non-violence in Gandhi is the contradictory concept. Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to sell his party through Gandhi’s non-violence will not appeal to Indians, forget the Americans.

The Africans are slowly awakening to Gandhi’s xenophobia and in Ghana, there was a. movement to remove his statue from the university. Gandhi diplomacy has been one of the prongs of international politics of the Congress regime and the Indian Government through its mission donated statues of Gandhi all over the world. It is the same Congress that denied International community an exposure to Babasaheb Ambedkar and his movement.

When Martin Luther King Jr came to India, the Congress was in power. No Congress politician briefed him about Babasaheb Ambedkar when King was so much inspired by the constitution of India. It took decades to King’s son to recognise the importance of Babasaheb Ambedkar when he declared that “Babasaheb Ambedkar and King were brothers in revolution”, though they never met.

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Similarly, Modi seems to be a great fan of Vivekanand, who was a very complex personality. Vivekanand came from the Shudra family and the Brahmins denied him the status that he deserved as the “creator” of the Hinduism through his interpretation and borrowing heavily from the Buddhism. Modi should highlight this aspect of the realities of Vivekanand’s life that he was a victim of the caste system as well. Modi is trying to camouflage his politics with the name of Vivekanand, but the reality is different.

The RSS chief addressed the diplomats of 50 countries in a program arranged by RSS Pracharak, Ram Madhav’s Think Tank called India Foundation. Ram Madhav runs parallel diplomacy on behalf of the BJP/RSS through its think tank. This is against the spirit of the constitution that a private organisation is running the parallel diplomatic channel.

So Bhagwat told the diplomats that Hinduism is not about what people eat or wear, and he did not tell them what Hinduism is about. This quite extraordinary that all the Indian upper caste establishments are trying to fool the foreigners while applying completely opposite policy in India.

It is just like Gandhi did. Through his English newspaper, Young India, he posed himself as the humanitarian spirit and through his Gujarati newspaper, Navjiva, supported casteism and Ramrajya.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale

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