Bluff Master (Boose Basiye) and Band Master


Gauri Lankesh was killed. She was critical of RSS/BJP and Modi. After the news of her death was released, the RSS/BJP troll made a horrible comment: A bitch is dead and the puppies are cooing. The troll is followed by no other than the PM of India, Narendra Modi. The BJP issued a statement that Narendra Modi will not unfollow the troll. Not to unfollow indicate that there is a tacit support of the statement made by the troll.

Through her weekly magazine Gauri Lankesh Patrike (In a very comic way, the RSS/BJP trolls are claiming that Gauri Lankesh Patrike is Gauri Lankesh “Patrick” and that Gauri Lankesh was a Catholic Christian), she was writing critical views about the RSS/BJP and their Brahminical Hindutva project. She wrote critically and she stood up against the Hindutva regime.

When Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, she started a column called “Boose Basiye” which means “bluff master”.

The present India is really at a stage where the bluffs are all over the places. If it is India’s economic policy or India’s foreign policy or India’s domestic policies, the trend of bluffing is evident.

Oftentimes, the PM of India had made comments like “Trust him for X days and if he fails hang him”. Those limits of X days are over in several cases, but our PM continues to bluff and he is creating the network of bluffs. She was right in starting the column to expose the master of bluffs. It is important for the citizens to catch the bluff as the bluffing at the highest level of the Government is a very serious issue.

The recent bluff that demonetisation has done something good for the country has been caught by the economic surveys and economic reports. One of the serious falls in the economic indices reported recently is the widening of Current Account Deficit (CAD) which now stands at 3 percent from the percent point. This is very serious state of the economy which Indicate that the exports from India have fallen considerably in the last few years. Declining exports is a serious issue when the economic growth rate is reduced to the level sub-6 percent.

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The Government is perhaps bluffing about its alleged nexus with the crony capitalists. The RSS/BJP Government will now allow the Post Offices to deal with the Aadhaar and Jan Dhan, and there are reports that the Government is also pushing Reliance Jio and Reliance mobiles in the Government sector and among the Government officials. The Government is also claiming that the private parties are not involved in the Aadhaar, the bluff that can be caught easily that there have been reports that the Private companies have had accessed the data in the past few years.

And this is perhaps the highest level of mixing the bluffs and the bands when the PM will celebrate his birthday soon. The odd 300 MLAs from the state of UP will go to schools in UP and will spend time with the school children and tell them stories as to how great the PM of India is. This is a dangerous time where the country is being polarised in the name of a cow, in the name of culture, in the name of ideologies, and in the name of caste.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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