Cabinet Shuffle – The Failure of RSS/BJP Government


The recent cabinet shuffle made it clear that the RSS/BJP is searching for the breathing space. In the last three years, the RSS/BJP government failed to deliver on many counts. It led the economy into crisis by mindless policies.

The growth rate nosedived to the sub-6% throwing economy into crisis. The unemployment rate has been rising and the corporate governance is in bad shape. It is difficult to highlight single achievement that had benefited the citizens at this stage.

On the law and order situation in India, it has gone from bad to worst. The minorities and Dalits have been victims of the hate crimes and the law and order situation has been deteriorating fast.

The railways have seen a rise in the accident and it has become unsafe.

The discontent among the OBCs is rising.

The only plus point of the RSS/BJP is mastering the art of media and manipulation of citizens through misinformation and wrong perceptions.

In this situation of the failed policies, the RSS/BJP has also become arrogant and rogue to the extent that the partners’ parties of NDA have been neglected fully and are not considered in the cabinet shuffle.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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