RSS/BJP to Review Welfare Policies for SCs, STs, and OBCs and Deny Radical Policies of Reservation


It is not difficult to know the intentions of the RSS/BJP as it is historically true that the RSS was set up to counter the rising movement of the non-Brahmins. The Brahmins ideologues like Tilak were very scared of the rise of the non-Brahmin movement as they could not digest the fact that the sway of Brahmins will soon be over if the Non-Brahmins mobilize themselves.

That is why Tilak openly advocated a strange form of nationalism with Brahmins at the top. He opposed the representation to the Non-Brahmins and women in the state and its machinery. He went against the non-Brahmin movement started by the great, Jotiba Phule.

The Muslims hate among the Brahmins is manufactured as without this among the backward class “Hindus”, the Brahmins cannot consolidate their sway over the lower caste Hindus and that is the reason the “cow” becomes an important dividing line for the “Brahminised Hindus” to push to create a political class of the “Hindus”.

This line of reasoning based on Brahminised “Hinduism” is challenged by the OBCs from time to time, but recently, it was challenged by the politically dominant Lingayats in Karnataka, who openly denied that they are “Hindus” and hence denied that they are under the “Brahmins”.

Before the advent of the national politics, the Brahmins had lost the control over the Parliament and their numbers are shrinking day by day in the parliaments and legislative assemblies, but they have been brought at the powerful position though they do not have the numbers to support it.

For example, Fadanvis in Maharashtra who is a Brahmin had been brought in at the cost of OBC leaders who are more in numbers in the assembly. Recently, a Brahmin is made the head of the UP BJP and an OBC was removed.

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So, when RSS/BJP Government discusses the review of the policies for the SCs. STs, and the OBCs, it raises a lot of questions. The RSS/BJP has been hostile to the interests of the SCs, STs, and the OBCs is clear. In order to oppose the “Mandal” commission that ensured a long pending representation to the OBCs, the RSS/BJP came up with “kamandal” by launching the Ram Janma Bhoomi yatra. The RSS/BJP has always tried to deny the right to representation to the SCs, STs, and the OBCs.

In the recent time, the Government of Maharashtra denied scholarships to the OBC students. The OBC candidates selected through prestigious UPSC examination were denied posts. The SCs and STs have been denied reservation in promotion. The movements among the OBCs are being denied their due share in the Government and services.

The welfare policies are very weak when it comes to addressing the gross inequality in the society. They have been constantly denied to the SCs, STs, and the OBCs though they do not have a huge burden on the state. In fact, it is their legitimate right to have such policies.

The RSS/BJP is trying to curtail the already established policies. Besides welfare policies like scholarship schemes the radical policies like reservation in promotion, reservation for the OBCs, and reservation in the private sector, judiciary, and army can take India to the new heights by bringing in diversity in the Government and Private institutions.

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    OBC are brain dead. They have put Brahamans at the top because of their NOT following Dr.Ambedkar model for upliftment, and still follow and have amalgamated in the the Brahamancial socio-cultural milieu .And new generation of OBC are lost in doldrum. Brahamans think 50-100years ahead of time.Do so called Dalit-Bahujan think that way? I doubt very much.

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