Some Reflections on Rohingya Muslims Crisis


The Muslims in Myanmar living in Rakhine state and the Myanmar Government is clashing. This violent clash has led to the humanitarian crisis, refugee crisis, and the entanglement of the at least four nation states India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

These four nations were being government together by the British till 1935 when the administration was separated. The issue of “Rohingya” Muslims, therefore, must be studied historically as many of the similar groups have been facing problems because of the formation of the “nation states” over the period of time.

This is the problem facing many communities as to where they really belong. It is true about the North East India which has seen continuous emergency like situation. It has affected Chakmas and it has been affecting the “Rohingya” Muslims.

The violence in Myanmar cannot be simply reduced down to the violence between the “Muslims” and the “Buddhists”. It is more of a political violence than religious violence though there are militant religious voices from both the sides. In this case, what can the prosecuted minorities do is an important question.

In any case, the violence must stop and as the Kofi Annan commission gave recommendations, the problem of the “Rohingya” minorities must be solved through other peaceful means which includes diplomatic channels, socioeconomic development, and resettlement of the displaced people.

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The issue of Rohingya is becoming emotional for the Muslims, as the militants in Jammu are claiming that they must be allowed to stay in India. The Indian Government is not comfortable with the influx of the refugees in several Indian citizens. The Bangladesh Government is not ready to accept more refugees. The Myanmar Government is pushing the war.

In the changed geopolitics, no region is aloof and Rakhine state is certainly not as it is now the major geographically critical area that will have far reaching global consequence: the gas pipeline that China invested heavily in and the proposed road that connects Indian subcontinent to the further east have Rakhine state as an important component. Only the peaceful solution in this dreaded situation can benefit all the parties.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    Muslims has serious problem with each and every community across the world. the principle which is being followed by Intellectual and progressive people is wherever Muslim are in minority they must have a right to self-determination, and wherever they are in majority they must have right to ethnic cleansing of minorities. Intellectuals can accept this principle but its very hard for common people therefore common masses have anger against Muslim across the world which we can see enywhere. Muslim are not ready to accept the law of the land it became major problem across the world.

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