Understanding the Mind of RSS/BJP Through its Economic Policies


The newspapers headlines though at times doctored can become a window to understand the minds of the political parties.

The RBI reported in its annual report released yesterday that 99 percent of the notes have returned back to the treasury after the demonetization. Thus proving beyond doubt that the demonetization has failed to give any gains, but instead created unprecedented pains for the common people and the small and medium businesses. The economy suffered losses and they are irreparable losses.

The goalpost was shifted to making India “less-cash” economy, which is a difficult target to achieve as Indians are again returning to use of cash. The demonetization showed that the RSS/BJP Government formulates policies mindlessly.

What followed aftermath the announcement of the demonetization was the flood of orders and ordinances that the RSS/BJP government passed. It not only confused the citizens but also exposed the preparedness of the RSS/BJP Government in such a vital decision.

The other economic policy issues indicate the similar trend. The Government is toggling with the idea that the benefits to the citizens should be directly doled out and the Government is bullish on using Aadhaar card as the most important vehicle for this transfer.

However, the preparedness in this area could ensure that the Indians are not becoming just the digital puppets at the hands of big corporates and dictatorial political parties.

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The GST is one of such policies which is enacted without preparation and the small and medium businesses which are already struggling with the wavering policies of the RSS/BJP Government are already witnessing losses. The Government’s fight for black money is misdirected.

The Government should direct its efforts to declare Adani as the anti-national who in order to dodge the recoveries from the DRI have appealed the Singapore Government not to release the data to the Indian Government which will prove his misgivings.

The Government can go after the corporate reforms and make the listed companies more responsible to the shareholders and not majorly to the investors and the promoters. For example, the founders of Infosys just hold 12 percent of the Infosys, but they have been fully controlling the company in the name of “Corporate Governance”.

The Government must step in and reform this sector. But the BJP/RSS Government will not do it, as the Brahmins and Banias are its clients.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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