Brahmanism/Hinduism and Neo-Liberalism – A Perfect Deadly Cocktail


Neo-liberalism is a policy model of social studies and economics that transfers control of economic factors to the private sector from the public sector. It takes from the basic principles of neoclassical economics, suggesting that governments must limit subsidies, make reforms to tax law in order to expand the tax base, reduce deficit spending, limit protectionism, and open markets up to trade. It also seeks to abolish fixed exchange rates, back deregulation, permit private property, and privatize businesses run by the state.

IMF, one of the chief proponent institution of neoliberalism has itself accepted that neoliberal policies are increasing inequality across the world. Neoliberalism has led to a number of problems such as hunger, terrorism, refugee crisis, energy crisis, global warming and climate change.

Brahmanism which is based on the principles of Manusmriti is proponent of varna system and patriarchy. This varna system has created a very oppressive structure of caste system in which Dalits are most oppressed. And moreover, this oppression has been normalized over the centuries. This inhumane oppression is carried out in various forms such as untouchability, social exclusions, atrocities and rapes of Dalit women.

Thus both ideologies are proponents of inequality and inhumanity. But when both these ideologies are intermixed they form a deadly cocktail.

The most eulogized ‘Gujarat Model’ is the first perfect example of this deadly cocktail. The communal hatred against minorities, oppression of Dalits and pro-corporate policies of BJP in the state of Gujarat made a perfect cocktail. The land of Gujrat was an experimental ground for this cocktail. And now entire India is onslaught of this deadly cocktail.

It is a big drawback of democracy and mockery of secularism where you can be reelected even after anti-people policies by means of communal and caste hatred.

This cocktail is not sudden but it began long back. The National Policy on Education (NPE) 1986, under Rajiv Gandhi govt., was one of the significant steps towards the significant beginning of this cocktail. A number of pvt. educational institutions were opened during this time with a number of religious educational institutions. It led to the decrease in the quality of education and brahmanisations of education. Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities, and women were most affected by this NPE and after 1991 neoliberal reforms the situation became worse.

The rise of various self-proclaimed ‘godman’ and increase in religious rituals which is generally known as marketisation of religion is phenomenal after the neo liberal policies of 1991. As these self-proclaimed godmen have millions of followers and their potential to politicise these followers is also evident. In return, these godmen get subsidized or free land, tax-free income, govt. security and illegal activities by them will be overlooked. As now many of god men are also now in business. So it would not be incorrect to call them communal neoliberal godmen. The rise in religious tourism has benefit Brahmins mostly. A big chunk of money and gold is under many temples. And the trustee’s, pujaris of most of the temples are Brahmins only.

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The role of TV and News media after neoliberalism has become more questionable especially in last five years. Their corporate links are well known but it is also communal and casteist.They have already shown soft reporting in favour of Ram Temple and various Hindu issues. They have promoted various godmen, Hindu gurus, astrology, pandits and Hindu mythology which are totally unscientific. Thus they have played a crucial role in creating a big market of Hindu religion in the country.

While their reporting of Kashmir, Adivasi, Dalit and minority issues are highly questionable. The problem of Naxalism is not entirely economic but also social in nature. The persecution, atrocities, sexual violence  committed against  Adivasis , Kashmiris , Minorities, Dalits and North Eastern people by Para military, police forces and by unconstitutional brahmanical outfit such as Salwa judum, Ranvir Sena under the impunity of state has been legitimised and normalised by brahamanical media and society in the name of naxalism, terrorism, nationalism and sovereignty. And this normalization of oppression is inherent to Hinduism.

As most of the institutions, business houses and civil societies are dominated by so-called upper caste people due to their historical privileges. They have formed a tacit network across political parties, civil societies, business houses, bureaucracy, judiciary, news-media, entertainment media, religious institutions and with various godmen.

Thus it is evident that cocktail of neoliberalism and brahamanism/hinduism is deadly. They are growing and sustaining this growth on each other and thus further deepening the inequality, exploitation, and oppression. Dalits, Adivasis, and Minorities are most vulnerable for this cocktail.

Author – Vivek Chauhan

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    Jai bheem S Nageswararao

    Your script is a perfect analysis of cocktail neo liberalism. The problem is how to build proper movements by uniting all these downtrodden.

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      There are many movements going on, but the intellectual Ambedkarite movement launched by AIMBSCS & API under the intellectual leadership of Dhi. Vijay Mankar gives hope.

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