Right to Privacy for Individual Citizens Upheld by SC and Right to Thieve for Modi’s Crony, Gautam Adani


Today, the newspapers in India are flooded with analysis of the verdict of Puttaswamy v/s Union of India case. The 9 SC judges held that that the right to privacy is a fundamental right. There is no dissenting voice in India as far the right to privacy is concerned. The ruling party is also celebrating the verdict, the party that opposed it in the SC.

While the Aadhaar card itself exposes the faulty working of Indian democracy in which the “ruling” elites have tried to steer the country the way wanted in the direction they thought is better for the country. The important political issues must be discussed and debated in the parliaments: Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. However, when the Congress party was at the helms of power, it never fully embraced democracy and democratic processes.

The most important changes in the policies were not brought through the discussions in the parliament, but were done by “executive fiat”. India is not an “Executive Democracy”, but it is the republic of people and hence the atmosphere of the debates and discussions must be created throughout the country over any changes in policy that affects the people of India.

The governments led by the Congress party set a bad precedence. What is happening today would have happened when the Aadhaar was conceived and it would have been better for this country if the entire issue was discussed nationally. The issue of privacy is linked with the issue of identity. The 12-digit Aadhaar card numbers are not just the numbers.

As Bezwada Wilson puts it clearly that the human beings are not toilets, or cars, or objects which can be reduced to the numbers and identified with. To reveal one’s identity or not is a personal and private matter. Human beings cannot be reduced to the numbers, or their iris, or their fingerprints, or anything superficial like that.

Each one of us is unique beyond doubt, but that uniqueness is a combination of several factors. There is no single defining factor that can classify people. The classification of people is an impossible process, but the artificial classification is for positive or negative purposes. The negative classifications lead to gross harm, while the positive classification can lead to development. The negative classifications like caste, race, and place of birth can create harmful effects. While the positive classification like Scheduled Castes can enable the state to formulate policies to remove the historical discrimination.

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If one loads the number identities with the social status and hierarchy, one gets an automatic segregation of the people on the computer screen. This can be used in the positive and negative ways and how far the “state” goes to use it is an important question that has to be resolved.

Amid this loud sound, news that should capture the headlines is buried. Only the Indian Express mentioned it on the front page. The news headline is: DRI authority strikes down proceedings against Adani Group firms. The DRI absolved the Adani Group Firm over the case of imports of machinery for Adani Group. The penalty would have been Rs. 3974 crores. This is a big amount and it is the case of organized loot by the cronies of Modi-Shah duo.

Modi-Shah duo is already taking India to where no one can imagine the fate of this country as it has linked flimsy economics with politics backed by an anti-national ideology of the Brahmins. The Government is bringing in Rs. 200 note: the new currency denomination. No one knows why the Government needs to do that when the old notes were useful and effective. If reports are to be believed, the RBI is already in the big mess and have failed to count the note received in the treasury. Yet, it is printing new notes. Something fishy is going and when the lid will be opened, India might see the can full of worms.

The RSS/BJP runs the government in secrecy and based on lies which are the murder of democracy. But this is not a new game for the Brahmin-Bania axis, it gets its power over masses by lies and secrecy.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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