Shrikant Purohit, Terrorist of Caste-Based Dharma Shashtras (Manusmriti), Freed


Shrikant Purohit, the Terrorist of Caste-Based Dharma Shashtras (Manusmriti), is freed on bail by the Supreme Court of India

Non-state agencies involved in the violence are anti-national unless it is a bigger cause of justice and humanity. But the case of violence inflicted by the Brahminical Hindutva Terrorist on the citizens is not only anti-national, but also unjust and anti-human. The case in discussion is the “Malegaon Bomb Blast” and sad saga in which all the accused are released on bail in the RSS/BJP regime.

The RSS and its fringe organizations have a single pointed agenda and that is to bring the rule of Manusmriti in India replacing the current constitution. The Manusmriti is not anti-Muslims, it is anti-OBCs (Shudras according to the scheme of Manu have only one duty and that is to serve the Upper three Varnas), anti-women (According to Manu, women must always remain ruled by the father, husband, and son in different stages of her life), and anti-humanity as it proscribes strict punishments for those who go against the Brahminical social hierarchy.

Shrikant Purohit, one of the founders of the militant Abhinav Bharat, is committed to this vision as the ATS found in its inquiry of the terrorism of the Brahminical Hindutva Organisations.

In the FIR written under the supervision of great Hemant Karkare, who was the head of the ATS before he was suspiciously killed in the “Mumbai Terror Attack” documented a series of interviews these terrorists of the Abhinav Bharat had in which they wanted to destroy Indian constitution.

The transcripts of the interviews were included in the FIR. Conspiring to overthrow the Constitution of India is seditious and that by a serving army personnel is the greatest act of treason against the nation. It would not have been seriously grave, but Purohit actually worked and started a terrorist organization and was one of the main conspirator’s of the Malegaon Bomb Blast.

Shrikant Purohit is released on the bail by the mighty judicial Institute of this country, the Supreme Court, itself. There is no way to appeal and Purohit is walking freely to terrorize the masses. It is interesting to see how BJP/RSS have tried to replace officials in NIA and ATS with the officers in their pockets gradually.

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All the important security agencies are now manned by the officials who are in the good books of the RSS/BJP and some of them have been working closely with Modi-Shah duo since their Gujarat days.

The honourable Supreme Court found faults in the reports of the ATS and NIA. Actually, the SC must respect the internal balance of power and should be very careful in dismissing the state agencies’ reports coming from several agencies.

The “Hindu terror” unleashed by the Brahmins is a documented reality.

For the working of the democracy, the checks and balances are provided by the institutions which work in tandem with each other to ensure that the Constitution is fully actualized, but the doubts of one state agency on another will create anti-democratic climate. Actually, the RSS/BJP had already undermined democracy and its institutions.

On the other side, when the opposition parties are trying to coordinate their forces into a singular force, they must find ways to bring the issue of “saffron terror” on its agenda and strongly condemn the release of Purohit on bail.

It will not amount to the contempt of the court as the grounds on which he is granted the bail are flimsy and a terrorist like him is allowed to walk freely, it jeopardizes India’s internal security. It seems that the RSS/BJP is hell-bent on creating an insecure atmosphere in India so that the Indians citizens would fall in their place and vote for RSS/BJP.

There is no bigger a threat to India than Brahmin-led terrorism against the OBCs, the SCs, and STs and it targets minority backward classes Muslims to befool the OBCs, the SCs, the STs.

The Brahmin-led plan to terrorize the Muslims is the other side of their vision to subjugate the OBCs, the STs, and the SCs and bring back the Manusmriti.

Sanghi Terrorism

When Brahmin-Bania media start getting confirmation from a Terrorist that he is not a terrorist it is a shameful state of affairs.

What a Brahmin logic!

Sanghi Terrorism is a reality and India need to understand it.

With media in Brahmin-Banias hands, it is easier to make a hero out of a Brahmin terrorist in India.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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  1. 1
    Dr A K Biswas

    Foot soldiers, commanders and Generals of Hindu Rashtra are taking places of vintage. Their ideology was enunciated long ago. Some excerpts are cited:
    Savarkar defined India as Hindustan:

    The land which extends from the Indus to the Southern Seas is Hindusthan—the land of the Hindus and we Hindus are the Nation that owns it.

    According to M S Golwalkar:

    ‘…in Hindusthan, the land of the Hindus, lives and should live the Hindu Nation…. Hindus than is the land of the Hindus and is the terra firma for the Hindu Nation alone to flourish upon…’.

    Savarkar’s further empahsis: ‘India must be a Hinduland, reserved for the Hindus’.

    Savarka’s furthe elaboration of Hindu: ‘A Hindu means a person who regards this land of Bharat-Varsha from the Indus to the Seas as his Fatherland as well as his Holyland, that is the cradle land of his religion.’
    He excluded the Muslims and the Christians from the definition as their holy lands are outside India but leaved scope for inclusion of members of what could be called breakaway religions, such as Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism in the ranks of Hindus.
    Golwalkar, therefore, said:
    …The non-Hindu peoples in Hindusthan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language, must learn to respect and hold in reverence Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but those of glorification of the Hindu race and culture i.e. they must not only give up their attitude of intolerance and ungratefulness towards this land and its age long traditions but must also cultivate the positive attitude of love and devotion instead—in one word they,must cease to be foreigners, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment—not even citizen’s rights. There is, at least should be, no other course for them to adopt. We are an old nation; and let us deal, as old nations ought to and do deal, with the foreign races, who have chosen to live in our country.

    Be aware. They have started their march.

  2. 3
    kolape vilas

    We should get surprised if Asaram bapu got bail in near future.He will acquited the all offences.We believe that he is awtar of krishna and according our hindu mythology he has not done any thing wrong to our society by having relations with so many women.

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