Is the BSP Back in the Fray?


Recently, the call for the unity of the opposition parties in India has become louder. The media is not giving the complete picture, but many things are happening in India which appears to be harbingers of the new dawn.

For example, the rally that Sharad Yadav launched attracted the attention of the major political parties. The rally was not just about highlighting the “betrayal” of Nitish Kumar, who broke his promise to the people of Bihar and sitting in the lap of the RSS/BJP. He has become an integral part of the RSS/BJP.

However, his politics has done much damage to the backward class movement as he nurtured within the backwards as the most backwards and among Dalits as Maha-Dalits. (Ati-picchada were highlighted among the Picchada, and Maha-Dalits among the Dalits). He has been nurturing this constituency along with his traditional caste constituency of the Kurmis.

Sharad Yadav, who considers himself as the leader of the Backward classes, and Ali Anwar, the Pasmanda (untouchables among the Muslims) leader have come out of the JDU and they are spearheading the “composite culture” campaign.

The opposition parties have been trying to come together in various stages to counter the RSS/BJP regime. They have highlighted a few issues that they can come together with and one of the issues is the atrocities on “Dalits and Muslims”.

Even if they could muster an alliance on these two issues and add the “backward” class movement into it, they can create a strong ideological ground to oppose “Brahminism” and fight the clear and present danger in the form of “RSS/BJP” that supports the Brahminical agenda of exploitation of the SCs, STs, OBCs, and the Muslims.

In a recently released poster by the BSP on twitter, it has photos of Akhilesh Yadav, Tejaswi Yadav, Lalu Yadav, Mamta Banerjee, and Sonia Gandhi. These are mostly non-south Indian faces and it is a positive sign that the BSP is trying to forge alliances.

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To gain maximum out of this alliance, the BSP must underscore the vision of the forefathers the BSP represents and it should not just underscore the vision, but also highlight it. The original vision of the BSP was to destroy Brahminism in every form and it must do so if the democracy is to survive.

Destroying Brahminism means destroying all the agencies that support Brahminism and hence it will have to attack the Brahmin dominated agencies with the clearly thought game plan and get it accepted by the allies.

The BSP must now reach to its core constituency of Dalits throughout India. They are 20 percent of India’s population and through an ideological program, they can be aligned in the right direction. The NDA had just over 30 percent popular votes and there is a vast 70 percent which is still scattered and therefore any unity among the opposition parties will destroy the RSS/BJP completely.

For the survival of the political parties themselves, they must come together. It is do or die situation for them. Brahminism in the form of RSS/BJP was never this strong, but this seeming strength is also its vulnerability as seen from the nationwide agitations all over India by the backward classes and the Dalits.

The winds are moving but they should move in the right direction and targeted rightly. Perhaps, this is the best time in the history to destroy Brahminism and the caste system.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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