Fighting “Hate” US Corporate Way and Dispatches from “Corporate Caste Wars” in Infosys in India


The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, pledged 2 million dollars to fight “hate” in the USA. This is the gesture that one can expect from the Apple, the company that Buddhist-minded Steve Jobs built so meticulously.

Many CEOs and Businessmen resigned from the official committees when Trump trumpeted his support for the sides without clearly stating the values that he stood for.

Sikka resigned as the CEO of Infosys, India’s one of the largest IT companies, citing the continuous hostility of Narayan Murthy, the founder of Infosys. Sikka sometimes declared himself as “warrior”, and in the Indian mythological and caste hierarchical sense, Kashatrirya.

The “spiritual” head of several Indian businesses, Devdutt Pattanaik, called the standoff between Sikka and Murthy as the standoff between “Kshatriya” and “Brahmin”: the caste they come from respectively.

Corporate India had not done anything to fight “hate” in India: in fact, it was part of fueling “hate” in India, if we ask the tribals in the Chhota Nagpur and Odisha. In an interesting twist, the “spiritual” head of the businesses like Pattanaik is trying to invoke the mythological and epic images to describe modern day complexities, the same “business guru” had never explored the Indian mythological and epic images to understand India’s problem of caste-based hatred and vilification of the OBCs and the Dalits . Perhaps, it is time to understand how myths and epics are vehicles to subjugate India’s majority of the OBCs and the Dalits. The myths and epics promote “hate” in India.

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Why the majority of the Indians should be unconcerned with the alleged loss of Rs. 22,000 crores by the Infosys in the stock exchanges after Sikka resigned because this money is never available to India’s poor and discriminated. While, why Indians should rejoice over Hook’s donating 2 million dollars to fight hate because it paves a way for better tomorrow for people who are stigmatized and discriminated in the USA. The Indians at the high echelons of corporate and civic governance come from the upper caste, who positively benefit from India’s caste system and having degrees from abroad, but their minds live in the mythologies of the past and they live in the archaic past. This contradictory two lives of India’s Sikka and Murthis create a pattern which puts India into a vicious poverty and hate. While the enlightened, humanitarian and original thinkers like Steve Jobs create the culture of peace, harmony, and more importantly, love.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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