Upper Caste Supremacists and White Supremacists – India and USA


The US is seeing a wave of rise of White Supremacists who are coming on the streets. This time the occasion was the demolition of the statue of Robert Lee, who was the Commander in Chief of the confederate army when the Civil War started in the United States. The USA fought the civil war against the slavery, though oftentimes, Lincoln, the war-President, claimed that the civil war took place to save the Union. Before Trump, the USA saw the first Black President, Barak Obama, who had two terms as a President of USA and then the tide began to change.

For the first time after a long gap, the KKK, the White Fundamentalists militia, openly participated in the rallies. The signia of the White militia was on display in the rally and the counter rally of the liberals was attacked by the White Supremacists. Trump is a mean President who could not handle this crisis.

Coming back to India, India’s upper castes supremacists cannot come on the streets as there is a major difference between them and the White Supramacists and that is this, the backward classes clash against them will be fatal for India’s upper castes. The Upper castes in India though in the minority have tried to everything, including creating armed militias, to coerce the lower castes to fall in “their” place. The Bhumihars (Those who wears the “garlands of the lands” went all the way to found their own militia called “Ranvir Sena” which massacred Dalits in Lakhshaman Pur, Bathe, in the Jahanabad District. The RSS is the combined imitation of KKK and Nazism. Notable, in the USA, the KKK and Nazi combine are coming together.

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In India, the violent Brahminism is raising its ugly tentacles again and again and they also liquidate people if they do not accord with their heinous ideology. But the Brahmins cannot come on the streets against the lower caste and if they come on the streets, they will be eliminated by the mighty horde of the backward classes. So, the upper caste Nazi fundamentalists only resort to playing their games which involves dividing people on the caste lines and also exploting the divisions between them. They have got “other” to create the combined self of “Hindus” which the upper caste use as the “political” class to ride over and rule over.

Drawing from the parallels between the USA and India, the lower caste must learn their lesson that they are, unlike Black and other minorities, majority in numbers and they must get united to fight the Brahminism and the evils that it forces on India’s majority of the population.

Author – Mangesh Dahiwale, Human Rights Activist

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    Bharat S Satyarthy

    From 1/4/18 upto Buddha Purnima a team of my friends will from village to village starting from Bhimkora village in Pune to Sirsa in Mainpuri ( Pahrhim) where Yudhister built a fire pond to kill and burn Nags travel to to awaken downtrodden n obcs / minorities..Jago Bharat…through Jai Bheem!!!

  2. 2

    I am not sure what you mean by writing that the upper caste cannot come out in streets against the lower castes.. This happened repeatedly 1000s of times in this country each year. RSS, for example, takes out marches through even major cities carrying arms and ammunition as well as weapons such as swords which are all explicitly banned under the IPC.

    The lower castes cannot achieve anything if they continue to believe in lies about their own capabilities – if they want to be strong, they need to stand united – which is still not happening in this country to the extent that it should. For example, when Jignesh Mewani spoke up for the victims of Una, not one of the victims’ families stood in support of him. And now that Chandrasekhar Azad is in prison and was even attacked viciously in prison, which dalit organisation is standing for him? If this is the way you are going to NOT stand up for leaders who are putting their neck on their line for you, how will you win? What is happening to the Bhim army now that Azad is in prison? it looks headless and leaderless and may even fizzle out.

    My point: avoid bombastic words which you cannot back up with actual action. Don’t overestimate your strength and underestimate the strength of the upper castes. Stand together or fall apart.

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