Rahul Gandhi – A Fake Progeny of Fake Heroes


The following article was written by Jayant in 2009 but is still relevant, so posting it.

All those people who have forgotten the fight of our forefathers against Congress and those who are getting lured towards Congress for their selfish interests are the real enemies of Ambedkarite Movement. If we want to establish an egalitarian society based on Equality, Freedom, Fraternity, and Justice, we have to stay away from the Congress, it’s deceitful and dishonest culture and it’s corrupt and fake leadership.

Congress is a party that changes its colours frequently like the Chameleons do. All the leaders of Congress are also like that. Recently a hybrid Chameleon called Rahul Gandhi has made an entry to this flock of Chameleons. In his recent speech in Amethi, this hybrid fawn called Rahulbaba who is ¼ Muslim, ¼ Hindu Bramhin and ½ Christian, made utterances which reached a height of bluffing. He said, the funds we give to Uttar Pradesh government, the UP government spends only on building statues and doesn’t spend a pai (1/100th of Rupee) for the development of poor. This statement of Rahul Gandhi would be the biggest lie of the 21st century!

The money given to Uttar Pradesh government or any other state government is not given from coffers of Rahul Gandhi’s home or from wealth accumulated by his ancestors. The central government distributes a particular amount of fund to various state governments as per the directive principles laid down in Indian Constitution and as per the formula prescribed by the Planning Commission. Constitution has also laid down rules as to how these funds from central government and the other income of state governments should be spent by the respective state governments. Therefore the way Rahul baba says that he sends money and Mayawati spends it on statues is absolutely incorrect. Mayawati has torn apart a veil of bluffs of Rahul Gandhi by publishing a white paper on the developmental work undertaken by the BSP government in UP. But the brahminical media are continuously and deliberately trying to mislead people by planting lies and myths. We consider it our foremost duty to expose these brahminical lies and myths.

India has been in direct control of a family of Rahul Gandhi for 30 years pre independence and for 60 years post independence. In pre independence era, illicit great grandfather of Rahul Gandhi called Mohandas Gandhi meted out an unpardonable ill-treatment to the Untouchables, Muslims, Other Backward castes and Adivasi people; and back stabbed them. Every page of history is full of black patches of deceitful misdemeanors of Mohandas Gandhi. The person to whom Gandhi passed on the mantle of power, Jawaharlal Nehru is notorious for his unchastity, adultery and for his mastery in trickery and hoodwinking. When Nehru’s daughter the infamous Indira Gandhi got the power at Centre she gave a call for the removal of poverty, a slogan popularly known as “Garibi Hatao”. But in spite of such popular but deceitful slogans like “Garibi Hatao”, the poverty in India did not get alleviated. On the contrary widespread impoverishment and destitution prevailing in India has become a serious cause of concern for the world community. Mohandas Gandhi, Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi all have beguiled common Indians. Each of them cumulatively added to miseries and grief of common people. If we analyze the economic indicators, according to World Bank estimates, there are 700 Million Indians living below poverty line. But according to Indian government’s statistical data, there are just 260 million Indians living below poverty line. According to an international analyst, there are 550 million illiterates in India but Indian government claims their number to be 350 million. Of the 600 million working population of India, 97% work in an unorganized sector. These people have no protection of any labour laws. The average living age of Indians is 64 years. The infant mortality rate is 57 out of 1000 children born. The percentage of malnourished children under age of 5 years is 44 %.

According to the world human development indicators, India stands 32nd from the bottom among the 177 countries. If we compare the educational infrastructure in India with that of our neighbor China, there are 18, 00, 000 schools in China where as there are only 9, 00,000 schools in India. There are 900 universities in China where as there are only 362 universities in India. India lags way behind other countries in terms of industrial development. The growth rate in China is around 11.4 % whereas this rate hovers around 6 % in India. Under whose rule all these things have happened, would Rahul Gandhi answer this question?

After 60 years of independence, a country well endowed with natural resources is languishing behind as a poor and under developed country. It is only and only Congress which is responsible for this. Rahul baba who makes rhetoric about development conveniently gets blind to the fact that this country is borrowing money from International agencies in order to fill up the coffers of particular industrialists. By showing 4, 00,996 Cr additional income, Congress tried to artificially jack up India’s foreign exchange reserves. The same Congress gave 7, 00,000 Cr tax benefits to the industrialists in last 2 years. In the current year too, Congress government has given tax sops amounting to 65,000 Cr to the industrialists. The brahminical media doesn’t talk a single word exposing these evil misdeeds of Congress government. This leads us to a conclusion that the minority bramhinists are committing treason by hatching a conspiracy to loot this country for benefit of their minority ilk at the cost of millions of Dalit Bahujans.

Rahul Gandhi who sheds crocodile tears in regards to the upliftment of Dalits does not utter a single word about the central government’s fraud of depriving the Scheduled Castes by whopping Rs. 72,000 Cr ($15.16 Billion) that should have been earmarked for them under a scheme of the special component plan. In current year’s budget, the Congress government has done 18% reduction in the funds meant for the development of Scheduled Castes.  In the year 2007-2008 budget there was a provision of Rs. 577.71 Cr for special central grant meant for Scheduled Castes; this year it has been reduced to Rs. 469 Cr. Under Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram scheme which is a corrupt version of original scheme of UP government called Dr. Ambedkar Gram Vikas Yojana, just Rs.10 Lacs would be given for the development of villages with more than 50% population of Scheduled Castes. In this year’s budget, Central government of Congress has not announced any special schemes for education, health and economic development of Dalits and Adivasis.

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As per the Planning Commission guidelines, central and state governments are required to make provision of funds for the upliftment of SCs in proportionate to their % of the population. In India SCs population is 16.2%; therefore out of Rs.10, 00,000 Cr government has constitutional binding to spend Rs. 1, 62,000 Cr for the development of Scheduled Castes. But the Congress which is carrying forward a legacy of Mohandas Gandhi of backstabbing Dalits has made a provision of just Rs. 15,683.94 Cr for Dalits, which is just 6.43 % of India’s annual budget. This shows that Rahul Gandhi who talks about the development of common man (Aam Adami) , his mother Sonia Gandhi, PM Manmohan Singh and their Congress party do not consider Dalits as common people (aam adami). Although it is constitutionally binding on the central government to follow guidelines of Planning Commission laid down in 1978, in regarding allotment of funds for development of  Scheduled Castes, by not adhering to these constitutional bindings, Congress is discriminating against Scheduled Castes. Looking at this, it is quite clear how Congress is misruling country by acting against the Constitution.

Rahul Gandhi and the coterie of people around him who are waiting for him to become PM,  are making noises that there is no development in UP. While doing so they very cleverly hide the true facts about various developmental programs undertaken and budgetary provisions made for various developmental schemes by BSP government in UP. This year UP government has made provision of Rs. 19,037 Cr for education. For agriculture sector the provision made is Rs. 11,064 Cr, for health it is Rs. 6,503 Cr. The BSP government has started 4 engineering college which are being developed as premier technology institutions like IITs. In these colleges, 75 % seats would be exclusively reserved for Scheduled Caste Students. In order to achieve economic development of Scheduled castes, the government has decided to reserve 25% of government contracts for the Scheduled Caste contractors. Mahamaya Balika Vikas Yojana, Savitribai Phule Balika Shikshan Yojana, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Gram Vikas Yojna, Manyawar Kanshiram Shahari Vikas Yojana, like these many development schemes in the name of our Bahujan icons have been started and are being successfully implemented. This is a real pain in the stomach of blind Congressi Bats who have been till date naming all the developmental schemes in name of only Gandhis and Nehru. Congress has got paranoid by the fear that with all this developmental work of BSP government for Dalit-Bahujans, the non-performance of corrupt Congress government at center and their other state governments would be exposed. That’s why they are crying foul that there is no development in UP. To unmask, the rhetoric of Congress based on lies and myths on the lack of development in UP, it would be appropriate to see the performance of Congress government in Maharashtra where it has been ruling since last 50 years.

Maharashtra government has not given any directives till date to waive the tuition fees of Dalit, Adivasi, VJ (Vimukta Jati) and NT( Nomadic tribes) students studying in professional educational institutes. Congress government in Maharashtra has shown on papers that in the previous year it has spent Rs. 292 Cr for building small huts for the Scheduled Castes and Buddhists living below poverty line.  But in reality, not a single hut was built throughout Maharashtra. On paper, the government claims to have spent Rs. 23.60 Cr for distributing land to landless Dalits, but in reality not even an acre of land was distributed to Dalits. In Maharashtra, thousands of farmers commit suicide in distress. A large number of children especially in the Adivasi areas die because of mal-nourishment, in Maharashtra. In terms of crimes, Maharashtra comes next only to Bihar and Orissa. Maharashtra would rank first in the country in terms of atrocities being committed against the Dalits and the way these atrocities are suppressed both by society and government machinery.

In light of all above facts and reality, it is absolutely clear that Congress is enemy number 1 of Dalits in India. The behavior and character of Congress are deceitful. Congressi culture of spreading lies and myths in order to befool the common Dalit-Bahujans is responsible for the downfall of the Indian nation. That is why all through his life Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had condemned this anti-Dalit , anti-Bahujan Congress and had warned his followers to stay away from Congress. Manyawar Kanshiramji had given a call to his cadres to unmask the immoral, unprincipled Congress, in order to establish equality and self-respect for Dalit-Bahujans. All those people who have forgotten the fight of our forefathers against Congress and those who are getting lured towards Congress for their selfish interests are the real enemies of Ambedkarite Movement. If we want to establish an egalitarian society based on Equality, Freedom, Fraternity, and Justice, we have to stay away from the Congress,  it’s deceitful and dishonest culture and it’s corrupt and fake leadership.

(This article is a translation of editorial written by Editor Sunil Khobragade in the Marathi daily Janatecha Mahanayak on 20th July, 2009. Translated by – Jayant)

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    By analysis about Congress for welfare of sc/st in UP is unsatisfactory in 2009 as Rahul Gandhi has blamed to BSP that BSP is not spending single rupee for welfare and development of UP ,hence it is white lay of Rahul Gandhi while maximum work is done during BSP period 2007 to 2012 ,hence it seems that Congress is dead against Dalits ,now Dalits also taught the lesson to Congress by not supporting any where in the country hence Congress became at bottom to BJP but it is fact that BJP is also dead against the Dalits because both political parties are not interested to see to BSP in power in any state hence Congress and BJP both are working against Dalits but Dalits should think about it vanish both in election that is solution for Dalits .hence vote and support to BSP

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